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Since 1999, Nexsan has delivered reliable, secure, and scalable on-premises data storage solutions designed to meet evolving business and IT requirements.
Nexsan offers versatile and robust storage solutions tailored to adapt seamlessly across a diverse range of sectors, ensuring reliable performance for critical data management.
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Guarantee the safety, security, and immediate availability of your invaluable data.

Nexsan storage solutions make backup and recovery fast, reliable, and cost-efficient.

In today’s digital age, safeguarding your company’s most valuable asset – data – is paramount. As data volumes expand at an unprecedented rate, the challenge for you is managing this growth and ensuring data protection.

The primary goal of backup processes is to guarantee the ability to recover from any data loss or system failure within a predetermined timeframe. This necessitates a robust backup strategy involving automated processes across various applications, platforms, and virtual environments.

Nexsan’s E-Series, BEAST, and Unity™ storage solutions are at the forefront of backup technology, offering seamless integration with industry-leading backup environments, including Veeam and Commvault. As malware is now also targeting backups, our immutable backup solution, Unbreakable Backup, assures you never have to worry about your ability to recover from ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Protection with Immutable Storage:

In the face of increasing ransomware threats, immutable storage has become a vital feature. Nexsan offers several options for ransomware protection including immutable snapshots, S3 object-locking, and Unbreakable Backup. With UnityTM and Assureon®, Nexsan offers immutable storage that keeps backup data safe from ransomware attacks, accidental deletions, or silent data corruption. This ensures that backup data remains unaltered and recoverable, providing businesses a reliable defense against these evolving cybersecurity threats.

Ease of Use and High Performance:

Organizations seek backup solutions that are easy to use and offer high performance. Nexsan's E-Series and BEAST systems are designed to support Synthetic Full backups to enhance backup efficiency and performance. They also meet aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), ensuring rapid data recovery when necessary.

Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:

The increasing demands for data storage make energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness crucial. Nexsan addresses this with its highly dense and energy-efficient storage solutions, featuring AutoMAID™ technology, which can save up to 87% on power and cooling costs. Additionally, their systems offer industry-leading reliability with hot-swappable devices and a no single-point-of-failure architecture.

Flexible Integration and High Availability:

Nexsan's UnityTM system supports block, file, and object protocols, allowing for easy integration into various backup environments. Its advanced FASTier™ caching technology enables high throughput, supporting multiple concurrent ingest streams and efficient restores. Moreover, Unity offers high availability through dual controllers and RAID-based protection, facilitating quicker data recovery.

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At Nexsan, we understand the challenges IT faces in finding a storage solution that balances cost, reliability, and scalability. With a legacy of 25 years in industry leadership, we are committed to delivering enterprise-class storage that meets and sets the standards for ultra-reliability, extreme density, unparalleled energy efficiency, and exceptional value.

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