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Since 1999, Nexsan has delivered reliable, secure, and scalable on-premises data storage solutions designed to meet evolving business and IT requirements.
Nexsan offers versatile and robust storage solutions tailored to adapt seamlessly across a diverse range of sectors, ensuring reliable performance for critical data management.
Discover a range of materials that highlight the effectiveness and versatility of our products. This page is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to understand the breadth of our technology and its real-world applications, offering a blend of educational and insightful content.

Don’t lose any of your production work with Nexsan storage solutions.

We have your storage and workflow needs of the media lifecycle covered from video ingest through post-production editing and archiving.

With content creation and delivery, the value of your work is not just in its creation but in its longevity and reusability. Nexsan ensures that your assets are protected with an immutable storage solution, giving you peace of mind that your content is safe from both external attacks and internal threats.

In addition, we deliver the performance necessary for high-resolution video streams for production workflows, proxy content, and digital playout. You can scale your capacity and performance to handle the largest video files and stream multiple videos simultaneously.

Learn more about how Nexsan’s technology meets your specific requirements:

High-Performance Storage:

Nexsan's E-Series and UnityTM platforms, are engineered for optimal performance. They deliver the fast read and write speeds essential for streaming large files and handling multiple access requests simultaneously, an essential requirement in content delivery networks.


Content delivery and streaming require scalable storage solutions that can grow with increasing data volumes. Nexsan offers storage solutions that are easily expandable, allowing businesses to scale up their storage capacity as their content libraries expand.

Reliability and Uptime:

Nexsan’s storage solutions are designed for high availability, featuring dual controllers and RAID-based protection. This ensures continuous data access, minimizing the risk of downtime, which is critical for streaming services where constant availability is a must.

Advanced Caching Mechanisms:

Technologies like Nexsan's FASTier™ caching use a combination of SSDs and conventional HDDs to accelerate data access. This hybrid approach optimizes performance, ensuring quick retrieval and smooth content streaming.

Data Integrity and Security:

Nexsan ensures the integrity and security of stored content, essential for maintaining the trust of content providers and users. Features like immutable snapshots, replication, encryption, and immutable backups help in safeguarding content against data loss and unauthorized access.

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At Nexsan, we understand the challenges IT faces in finding a storage solution that balances cost, reliability, and scalability. With a legacy of 25 years in industry leadership, we are committed to delivering enterprise-class storage that meets and sets the standards for ultra-reliability, extreme density, unparalleled energy efficiency, and exceptional value.

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