For over 15 years Nexsan has built a reputation for highly reliable, cost-effective storage designed to serve specific use cases and business demands. We create storage for IT professionals who demand storage suited to their specific needs.

We think of our products as “purpose-built” rather than general purpose. That means product design starts by understanding the diverse workloads in our customers’ environments. And because these workloads vary, we offer a broad line where each product has clear intent and exceptional value. The ultimate expression of our commitment to purpose-built storage is our new Hyper-Unified Storage — adding capabilities to our award-winning unified storage that transform storage from a routine requirement into a business advantage: Simple sync and share for users, real-time file sync across locations, and data archiving with unmatched security and standards compliance.

If you, as an IT professional, require cost-effective block storage for backup, databases or Exchange, scalable and highly-flexible NAS file systems, a global private-cloud sync and share infrastructure, or secure archiving, we invite you to consider Nexsan. Purpose-built storage with innovation that matters, reliability to let you sleep well, and pricing to fit your always-constrained budget.

About Us



Our flagship product, Unity, sets the new standard for Hyper-Unified Storage. It starts as scalable, flexible unified storage. It lets you mix-and-match high-performance flash with inexpensive hard disks. And it lets you mix block storage for VMware, databases or Exchange with file storage for home directories and sharing. Then, it stands out by including a full private-cloud infrastructure at no additional cost. For example, instead of spending on complex, expensive third-party products to share data across sites, Unity includes a plug-and-play ability to sync files in real-time across any number of disparate locations with secure communication across standard internet connections. Unity also replaces the growing and dangerous user adoption of cloud-sharing products like Dropbox and Box by delivering similar functionality completely under the control of IT. Unity can even satisfy the most demanding secure archive requirements by integrating all the capabilities of our industry-leading Assureon archiving product in a single system.

The workhorse of our product line is the battle-tested E-Series. Designed to process heavy workloads with demanding applications, it’s high performance, capacity, density, reliability, and ease of management make it fit environments where others fail. E-Series was designed to run in the most challenging of environments — from departments without perfectly optimal data centers to branch offices to cruise ships. The E-Series and its block storage predecessors were our first products, so when you hear our customers say things like, “You just set it and forget it” or “Nexsan systems almost last too long,” you are hearing the result of our passion for ease of use and reliability.

For long term and active archive storage, we have Assureon. It’s the safest, most secure and cost-effective way to protect data. With automatic, policy-based data transfer from your NAS devices, Assureon ensures total compliance, protects against ransomware and hackers, and offers rock-solid litigation support. Strict policies can be set at strict levels so not even sys admins can change data. And along the way, it can cut the total cost of storage dramatically by offloading rarely used files from your most expensive primary storage in a way that’s completely transparent to users.


Our innovation begins by working with our customers – to understand their environments and then to deliver quality solutions that help them perform better.



Store and share files across the enterprise


Mobile Access

Provide secure, private, and compliant access to data


Enterprise Sync

Sync remote locations without VPNs and MFTs



Improve energy efficiencies and cost-savings


Active Drawer Technology™

Service drives while keeping data available for access


Cool Drive Technology™

Reduce heat to increase drive reliability and longevity


Anti-Vibration Design™

Reduce rotational head vibration to increase drive performance and longevity


File Fingerprinting

Guarantee file-level integrity within an archive when each file is ingested and copied



Intelligent, self-tuning hybrid caching to accelerate read and write IOPS and throughput  

“You just set it and forget it.”