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Since 1999, Nexsan has delivered reliable, secure, and scalable on-premises data storage solutions designed to meet evolving business and IT requirements.
Nexsan offers versatile and robust storage solutions tailored to adapt seamlessly across a diverse range of sectors, ensuring reliable performance for critical data management.
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High-density block storage.

Enhance your IT infrastructure with Nexsan's high-density block storage, delivering exceptional scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency tailored to meet the complex needs of today's IT departments.

Reliable. Dense. Efficient.

  • Ultimate reliability: Extend the system lifespan and enhance overall resiliency with features like drive testing, anti-vibration, enhanced cooling, and hot-swappable components.
  • Extreme Density: E-Series offers a compact footprint, maximizing storage space and efficiently managing large volumes of data.
  • Energy efficient: With power-saving technologies like AutoMAID, our systems are designed to optimize energy consumption.

High-density block storage products.

Nexsan's E-Series and BEAST storage platforms bring you compact, high-density storage that grows with your needs and delivers top-notch performance. They're reliable, easy on your budget, and flexible enough to fit into any IT infrastructure.


E-Series is a versatile SAN or DAS solution renowned for its scalability and ultra-reliability. The E-Series helps organizations reduce storage costs and maximize ROI to stay ahead of the enormous data growth, demanding workloads, and high resiliency requirements in a variety of businesses, including content streaming, government, healthcare, HPC, financial, surveillance, and service provider sectors.
Seamless integration Supports a broad range of applications and network environments
Data protection Configure with AES-256 SED and SED FIPS to protect data at rest
Active Drawer Technology Eliminate downtime with efficient, hot-swappable drive management


Your data center workhorse that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. With its remarkable reliability, the Nexsan BEAST storage platform offers advanced performance without compromising cost-efficiency.
Maximum uptime Enhanced drive performance, drive testing, and extreme cooling boosts uptime
Storage made easy The easy setup and intuitive administration make it easy to manage.
Durable in extreme conditions Works in less-than-ideal storage environments such as ships, subway stations, and storage closets

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