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Recovering from Ransomware: The Solution – Unbreakable Backup

March 3, 2021

Ransomware is one of the most prevalent threats that organizations face today. Data backups are an important way to shield your company from ransomware attacks; it is like an organization-wide insurance policy.

But what happens when these backups become compromised?

More and more, bad actors are coming after backups now, too. Ransomware attacks can target local network backups, including operating system shadow copies and network attached storage, infecting and encrypting backup files that are essential in the event of a system failure or cyberattack.

Compared to other countries with high numbers of internet-connected populations, the U.S. ranks as number one when it comes to detecting ransomware. Even so, the rates of ransomware detection are low. Only 18.2 percent of ransomware is detected before it becomes an unmitigated disaster.

Against these threats are proactive cyber defenses you can implement. If you have protection against ransomware, you can stop threats before it becomes a problem for your organization. However, if ransomware still makes it into the network, Nexsan’s Unbreakable Backup becomes your last line of defense protecting all the backups so that the data is not compromised, allowing for recovery, and saving companies millions in ransoms.

Unbreakable Backup

You need to protect all high-value unstructured data – all the way through the backups which are an essential part of any organization’s data management strategy. Backups have been the latest malware targets basically eliminating any chance of recovery.

Backups need to be stored securely while remaining accessible to the organization. At the same time, these organizations need consistent copies of data to maintain business operations in the event of failure. Nexsan’s Unbreakable Backup storage solution, a combination of Unity™ and Assureon®, is a reliable way to manage backup data and unstructured data for all kinds of applications.

The driving force behind Assureon is the concept that some data is just too valuable to lose. This data is also too private to be breached and too essential to your operations to risk it being tampered.

Assureon® is an active data vault with immutable WORM storage and rigorous data integrity checks. It implements file locking, with restricted access controls, and stores at least two copies of the backup. Assureon does active-active replication so it can ingest backups from both sites, with bi-directional replication and access to data from the remote site if the primary site is not available. Additionally, Assureon provides independent self-healing capabilities and is completely policy-based with no other access mechanisms.

An additional advantage is that the Assureon provides the user an option to implement a tiered backup solution. The same backup can be maintained on a faster Unity tier and

a secure Assureon tier for a chosen period. This enables fast restores in normal backup/restore scenarios. If backup tier capacity is a concern, shortcuts can be created for older file backups. This frees up capacity on the Unity while keeping the locked down, immutable backups on the Assureon readily available for access whenever needed, such as in the event of complete data loss.

The result is a completely secure, locked down, immutable, and Unbreakable Backup layer. Even administrators cannot tamper with locked down data in this layer – until the expiration of the policy that governs the secure backup. Such a solution ensures protection from data corruption and data loss. This solution guarantees data availability under the most trying conditions, even if the entire primary and backup deployments are compromised.

Flexible Deployment Options with Assureon Cloud Edition

Assureon Cloud Edition provides flexibility in implementation as a cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises solution. It adapts to your organization’s infrastructure and enhances the ability to secure protected backups in secondary sites of your choosing for business continuity and quick recover. No matter how you choose to deploy, Assureon will protect your unstructured data and backups from cyberattacks, user error, or compliance.

Secure your data backups with Unbreakable Backup so you can prepare for the worst and be able to easily recover from any cyberattacks. Learn more about Unbreakable Backup and Assureon by contacting us today!

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