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Discover your data to understand your storage needs

Save yourself from rising primary storage costs with our powerful, simple, and free new tool

Get solid insight to the data stored across your organization with the Nexsan Data Discovery Tool. This simple to use tool gives you a quick, real-time analysis to make informed decisions, reduce costs and architect the optimal storage infrastructure for your business.


In just minutes the Nexsan Data Discovery Tool will give you a full insight into:

  • How much data on your primary storage system is really being used
  • What data should be moved or even eliminated
  • What data could be archived and stored more cost-effectively

Many businesses end up keeping data on their expensive primary storage when it could be offloaded elsewhere. Why spend more dollars buying additional primary storage when you could archive or eliminate unused data?

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But the service doesn’t stop there. Send us a copy of your report and one of our storage experts will further analyze your findings and make recommendations for optimizing your storage environment.

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