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Ransomware and other types of malicious software programs (also known as malware) can disrupt any environment. These programs infiltrate a network, propagate through connected devices and systems, and encrypt data, which disables user access, software, and IT assets. There are many types of ransomware that have infected organizations throughout the world, wreaking havoc and costing business their reputation by exposing sensitive data.

Although there’s a high financial cost for the actual ransom payment, the biggest consequences of ransomware are data loss and downtime. Both of these ransomware outcomes are very costly for businesses, with significant downtime resulting in potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue in addition to decreased customer trust.

As malware is now also targeting backups, Unity with Assureon® delivers an immutable Unbreakable Backup™ solution so you never have to worry about your ability to recover from ransomware attacks.

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Your Ultimate Protection from Ransomware

The growth in ransomware attacks will continue at a high rate as it’s a highly lucrative business. Even with careful IT departments and precautions, anti-malware products are not infallible. When they fail, the malware encrypts every file, and attackers demand a large ransom payment before the decryption key is provided. Attacks now include backup deletions or encryption leaving your organization at an even great risk. If you don’t promptly send the payment, the decryption key may be deleted and all your encrypted files will be lost forever – and even if you pay, there’s no assurance that your data will be available. You need to insure that you are doing everything you can to protect your data, preserve your organization’s reputation and maintain the workforce’s productivity.

Nexsan Assureon was purpose-built to deliver unrivaled data vault protection with immutable storage. Assureon makes recovery of unaltered files fast and easy so there’s no disruption and no need to pay the ransom.


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Nexsan Unity™ with Assureon delivers an immutable Unbreakable Backup solution so you never have to worry about your ability to recover.

  • Data integrity with policy-driven and scheduled data integrity checks scrub the data for faults, and auto-heals without any user-intervention.
  • High availability with dual controllers and RAID-based protection guarantee data access in the event of component failure.
  • Recovery of your data is faster partially because all RAID-protected disk arrays can read faster than they can write.

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"The best file restoration strategy currently on the market is in the form of an archive data protection system, which unlike antivirus or anti-malware solutions can resurrect files after a ransomware attack."

Gary Watson