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Storage Solutions for Planes, Trains and Ships with Less Than Ideal Data Centers

May 31, 2019

There are almost as many ways to get around as there are options for enterprise data storage:  from direct-attached, to scalable and highly-flexible NAS, to block storage for databases or Exchange, to highly secure data archives, and the public cloud.  Choosing what data to store, how, where and when can be tricky.   And, some datacenters are certainly trickier than others.  For instance, Nexsan has worked with organizations that have some less than ideal data center locations.

A Major Metropolitan Area Subway

  • The Challenge
    • Massive system that required full surveillance
    • Storage had to be in harsh environments with little climate control
    • Systems had to be in small “closets”
    • Tight budgets for every project
  • Why Nexsan E-Series Was Implemented
    • Ease of use
    • Dense capacity for small closet
    • Delivered on all of their requirements and within budget
    • Reliable system
  • The Results
    • Implemented in all subway systems throughout the city
    • The systems have been completely reliable in the harsh environments
    • Systems administrators find them simple to manage, making it easier to focus on other pressing needs
    • Lowest total cost of ownership


A Major Metropolitan Area Airport

  • The Challenge
    • Large perimeter security needed for multiple airports
    • There could be zero downtime
    • Tight budgets
  • Why Nexsan E-Series Was Implemented
    • Able to deliver a dense storage platform that met their price point
    • Reliable system
  • The Results
    • Implemented at 4 major airports to record surveillance data
    • The solution has been completely reliable and met all requirements
    • Lowest total cost of ownership


A Major Cruise Line

  • The Challenge
    • Each ship has a great deal of video surveillance from each cruise
    • Space, cooling and power are very limited on the ship
    • There are very few IT people on the ship to manage the storage, so it had to be reliable
  • Why Nexsan E-Series Was Implemented
    • System needed to function reliably in an environment with vibration and movement
    • A dense platform that gave them the capacity in a smaller footprint to meet space requirements
    • Nexsan AutoMAID® reduces power and cooling costs up to 87%
    • Lowest total cost of ownership for multiple 750TB systems
  • The Results
    • A system on each cruise ship
    • A very cost effective and easy to use solution to meet demanding timeframes and data requirements
    • A ten-year loyal and happy customer


Tricky does not have to mean impossible.  But, picking the wrong solution can lead to disastrous consequences – from wasted time and budget, to lost data, system downtime, legal and regulations noncompliance, business interruption, lost customers, lost revenues, and lost shareholder value (not to mention lost jobs).

Nexsan makes picking the ideal data storage solution(s) straightforward and uncomplicated, with a product family that offers specialized solutions to meet the most common to the most challenging of circumstances.  You can stop fighting fires, and check-off the data storage box on your To-Do list with Nexsan, and rededicate yourself, your team and your budget to activities that impact competitive advantage and the bottom-line.


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