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Protect Data Backups from Ransomware with the Unbreakable Backup Solution

June 8, 2021

The Nexsan Unbreakable Backup Solution is an integration of  the Assureon active data vault and the Unity NAS products. With this solution you never have to worry about your ability to recover from ransomware attacks.

The Unity NAS system has been proven to be a reliable and performant file backup target for many backup applications; however as ransomware attacks have evolved, backups have become a target of these threats, putting companies at a greater risk. When integrated with the Assureon product, files on the Unity NAS system become protected from ransomware. Backups are now heavily being targeted by cybercriminals, and this solution is necessary to combat malicious actors.

Assureon is the complete protection of your unstructured data from ransomware. It is built to ensure zero data loss with features such as immutable worm storage, active archive, organizational governance, and regulatory compliance.

Since its creation in 2006, Assureon has never lost a file, had a file corrupt, or had any of our systems infiltrated due to ransomware. As far as protecting your backups, using backup applications such as Veeam or Commvault, we can ensure backups are protected. That means your files cannot be modified or deleted in the event that your environment is compromised. 

Assureon can be deployed as  a dual-site system with Active-Active bi-directional replication.  This feature allows data access in the event you lose one site. The easy installation process allows your organization to function without any interruptions or modifications to your current infrastructure. Other built-in features of the Unbreakable Backup solution include:

  • Automatic failover/failback
  • File fingerprinting using two cryptographic hashes
  • File serialization 
  • Self-healing technology to repair data corruption
  • Alerts for daily-use parameters

Traditional Backup vs Unbreakable Backup

Why Traditional Backups Don’t Work

Traditional backup systems use the “same play” when backing up their data. The traditional storage system game plan is to have the storage on-site, snap-shot the data, replicate to an off-site location, store it to a disk, and then move it to tape storage or the cloud. This makes your storage system predictable and vulnerable to external threats because they know your software security strategy. Cyber attackers will use ransomware to infiltrate your network and compromise your login credentials, and your backups. 

Why Unbreakable Backup is the Only Solution

What’s unique about the Unbreakable Backup solution? The Unbreakable Backup solution has a true two-factor authentication process. When your organization wants to access the data, only an assigned Administrator can verify their identity through an encrypted hyperlink to allow an Assureron security expert to gain access to the system. The backup system structure allows your organization to restore protected data from any point in time. 


With that, you now have a complete overview of the Unbreakable Backup solution. Protect your critical and high-value backups, secure your data from ransomware attacks and evolving cybercriminal strategies. 

Data has been compromised at the highest levels in 2020-2021, we expect these threats to continue at an increasing rate. 

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