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NVMe All-Flash: The Ideal Storage Solution for Big Data

August 3, 2022

In recent years, NVMe storage, short for Non-Volatile Memory Express, has been compared to lanes of highway traffic. Where legacy SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) connections are forcing as many as 32 pieces of data through one “highway lane” at once, NVMe storage can support 64,000 queues, each for as many as 64,000 entries. This means using NVMe storage can be compared to expanding a one-lane road to a 64,000-lane highway, with room for 64,000 cars in every lane.

But what does this mean for industries looking to utilize NVMe all-flash as a storage solution for big data applications?

Take a look at how NVMe all-flash storage can impact the way data is handled at rest and in transit for industries looking to get the most out of their structured and unstructured data.

Big Data & All-Flash NVMe

Traditional data storage works wonderfully with structured data. But as soon as you throw unstructured big data into the mix, you experience bottlenecks and siloed data.

NVMe storage has a distinct advantage over traditional and legacy storage solutions. NVMe drives are significantly faster than SATA drives. SATA drive data transfer speeds top out somewhere around 560 Megabytes per second, but with 4 PCIe lanes, NVMe drives can reach a top max speed of 3.9 Gigabits per second—transferring data at much faster speeds.

But NVMe all-flash is more than just the NVMe component. The added bonus is that it also runs on an all-flash drive, which means there’s no latency waiting for drives to spin up to speed. Legacy hard drives usually can only spin at a rate of 7,200rpm, so there is a limit to how fast data can be accessed.

How Every Industry Can Benefit From NVMe All-Flash

What do all these industries have in common?

  1. Finances and Insurance
  2. Media and Entertainment
  3. Healthcare and Life Sciences
  4. Education
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Government
  7. Energy and Utilities
  8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

All these different industries have one thing in common, mass volumes of data.

When looking for storage solution for big data, these industries all want to optimize performance, scalability, and flexibility to make accessing their data easy and affordable. Here is how NVMe all-flash storage solutions like Nexsan’s Unity NV10000 exceed each requirement:

Performance: Solutions must deliver great performance at low latency to avoid starving GPU-driven applications. NVMe all-flash supports more processor cores, lanes per device, IO threads, and IO queues which make it easier and more cost-effective to use. The Unity NV10000 supports 368TB of raw NVMe all-flash capacity and can also serve as a FASTier cache for up to 8.64PB of data capacity.

Scalability: By 2025 global data is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes. As data grows, you need a storage solution capable of scaling with you. The Unity NV10000 has bandwidths up to 20GB/s and can be used as a primary storage tier or FASTier catch acceleration layer.

Flexibility: With 90% of large enterprises adopting a multi-cloud infrastructure, you need a storage system that will let you easily access your data wherever it resides. The Unity NV10000 is a true unified system supporting block (iSCSI, FC), file (NFS, SMB), and object (S3) protocols to support scaling out or up. With the optional add-on software providing data migration capabilities, organizations can easily replicate files from any legacy system and move data as needed for tiered storage and optimizing multi-cloud infrastructures.

Nexsan: Robust NVMe All-Flash Storage for Big Data

Nexsan, a StorCentric company, is committed to providing organizations with the fast, available, and reliable storage solutions they need to empower their endeavors with our Unity NV10000 NVMe all-flash storage solution. Whether it’s helping our clients examine their data security needs or power their enterprise with a robust data storage solution, Nexsan has the tools you need.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been focused on providing organizations of all sizes with the technology they need to level up. To learn more connect with our team today.

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