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Nexsan Exceeds First Quarter Revenue Target and Announces Plans to Foster More Growth and Continued Innovation on Marquee SAN and File Storage Product Line

With Serene Investment Management LLC’s Ownership, Nexsan Announces Strong Q1 Bookings and Strategy to Accelerate Growth in the Coming Quarters
December 29, 2023

Nexsan today announced that it surpassed its aggressive Q1 earnings target. After being acquired by Serene Investment Management LLC in February, Serene’s ownership has quickly steered Nexsan back into a stage of growth, innovation, and profitability.

Under this new ownership, Serene Investment Management LLC’s first order of business was to bring in experienced technology leaders to foster a new era of growth and deliver on the ownership’s vision of continued high-quality product innovation, delivery, and unrivaled customer satisfaction. One of those experienced technology leaders is Nexsan’s new CEO, Dan Shimmerman, who has a proven track record of success in delivering strategic vision, execution, and value for all stakeholders in enterprise technology.

“The future is incredibly bright for all of Nexsan which includes our loyal customers and partners,” explains Nexsan CEO, Dan Shimmerman. “Serene’s ownership is committed to investing in the business and fueling continuous growth. We’ve been given the vital capital we need to continue to innovate and deliver the highly-reliable, cost-effective data storage solutions that have been exceeding specific and crucial business demands for over 20 years.”

As part of the acquisition earlier this year, Serene retained key employees and leaders to ensure business continuity and deliver on Nexsan’s commitment to a seamless customer support experience. Throughout the acquisition and restructuring, Serene has been steadfastly committed to maintaining Nexsan’s high level of customer support which includes the support team’s global coverage and footprint.

In the interim, Nexsan negotiated strong strategic alliance agreements with their global partner network to stabilize supply chains and kick-start its continued service to all end customers and vendors.

Earlier in the month of April, Nexsan also attended the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show Centennial in Las Vegas, Nevada to showcase the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and continued innovation on its marquee SAN and file storage product line that includes E-Series, Unity, and the exciting developments on its Assureon Data Vault.


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Nexsan™ is leading the way in redefining unified storage. The company has been at the forefront in developing world-class storage technologies that are focused on the critical needs of our customers. Nexsan Unity™ is one of the first enterprise-class unified storage solutions to incorporate secure file sync and share in a single platform. Nexsan Assureon™ delivers secure archive storage for the most compliant of industries and our renowned E-Series is the storage backbone of many data centres around the world due to its high performance, reliable, high density storage. Nexsan is headquartered in Campbell, CA.

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