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Finding the Ideal Storage Solution for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

June 14, 2022

The biggest challenges artificial intelligence and machine learning applications have with traditional data storage is the ability to maximize performance, capacity, and flexibility within a limited budget. Depending on the application and what stage the project is at, the needs for performance and capacity will fluctuate.

IT Managers need to find the right balance between high performance, scalability, and flexibility. Any incoming storage solution will need to easily integrate into existing hybrid storage infrastructures accompanied by features designed to meet the demanding needs of a modern enterprise.

All-Flash NVMe for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With so much data being created every year and so many more possibilities for how to use this data, NVMe is the logical solution. Unlike traditional disk drives which are still beholden to speed limitations and IOPS limitations for transporting and retrieving data, NVMe all-flash storage solutions like the Unity NV10000 offer higher bandwidth and lower latency to give users better performance for the demanding workloads.

For example, machine learning training often requires millions of data examples to formulate and train the algorithms to make informed decisions about new and incoming data. With large datasets like this, NVMe all-flash makes it easy and affordable to scale performance as your application needs evolve.

NVMe used to be only a fringe choice for those looking to deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. However, as these datasets have grown over time, and as the uses for ML and AI have expanded, NVMe has become the current “mainstream storage option” for Artificial Intelligence, according to TechTarget.

This is especially true of all-flash solid-state drives (SSDs), which do not need the same spin-up time that their moving counterparts require. TechTarget shared that the access time of traditional spinning storage is three “orders of magnitude” slower than all-flash NVMe technology solutions.

Robust NVMe All-Flash Storage Solution: Unity NV10000

The Unity NV10000 introduces all-flash NVMe capabilities to the Unity platform, offering optimal performance, capacity, and flexibility to address the data storage needs of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This solution boosts the Unity platform by providing bandwidths up to 20GB/s, allowing you to scale performance as your data needs evolve. This platform makes an excellent primary storage tier with 368TB of raw NVMe all-flash capacity, or as a FASTier cache acceleration layer with a 8.64PB capacity.

Whatever data storage needs your AI and ML applications require, the Unity NV10000 supports flexible configurations. With support for block (iSCSI, FC), file (NFS, SMB), and object (S3) protocols, the NV10000 can adapt to any storage environment. The optional DMS software add-on provides data migration capabilities to make replicating files from legacy systems easier. It also connects to numerous public clouds including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, allowing organizations to move data as needed for tiered storage and fully optimizing hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Beyond the core requirements needed for AI & ML applications, Unity delivers advanced features like in-line compression, asynchronous and synchronous replication, and storage pool scrubbing to protect against bit rot, avoiding silent data corruption. It also comes equipped with data security features to protect against ransomware and ensure data compliance.

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