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Accelerate Media & Entertainment Workflows with NVMe All-Flash

August 3, 2022

Modern content is always evolving, including higher resolutions, emerging formats, and complex workflows. The speed in which content is made, edited, and distributed has accelerated thanks to the advancement of data storage. With the emergence of NVMe all-flash, the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry finally has a storage solution capable of keeping up with the entire production process from editing to archiving and digital preservation.

To Understand the Future, We Must First Look to the Past

The year is 1995. Pixar just released its first full-length, digitally-animated feature film, Toy Story. Within the first weekend it grossed $373 million worldwide, becoming the second highest-growing film of the year.

To make this masterpiece, each frame of this film took between 45 minutes and 30 hours to render. 800,000 machines were required to render just 77 minutes of animation.

Fast forward to today, technology and storage solutions have advanced significantly since the days of Toy Story, but none so much as NVMe all-flash technology. While technology continues to advance at blazing speeds, the storage environments which power them have adapted to drive faster delivery to meet the growing demands of its consumers.

For video production and post-production, storage environments need to be robust and have the capability to support a wide range of projects. They also must be high-performing and scalable to keep up with HD and UHD workflows and allow collaboration between team members for editing, compositing, color correction, and CGI rendering. As TV Technology explained, “This is where non-volatile memory express (NVMe) flash storage…comes into play. NVMe flash storage is changing the game for many businesses, enabling them to access high-speed storage media, drive remote collaboration, and power business growth.”

Why is this?

  • NVMe is incredibly fast
  • NVMe provides very high read and write speeds that exceed spinning disk drives
  • NVMe empowers playback to multiple streams without latency, frame drops, or lags in viewing

Essentially, it creates a uniquely workable environment for production and post-production crews. For rendering purposes, it’s years ahead of other storage solutions, making the days of 30 hours of rendering per frame a thing of the past.

Unity NV10000: Robust NVMe All-Flash Storage To Meet Media & Entertainment Demands

Nexsan, is committed to providing organizations with the fast, available, and reliable storage solutions they need to empower their endeavors with a storage solution capable of going above and beyond. The Unity NV10000 all-flash NVMe storage solution provides consistent high performance with the scalability and flexibility required by today’s media and entertainment industry.

The traditional storage challenges M&E encounters are easily solved with the Unity NV10000:

High Performance with Low Latency: These high performance arrays make it easy and affordable as a primary storage tier with 368TB of raw NVMe all-flash capacity or a FASTier cache acceleration layer for up to 8.64PB of data capacity. When your storage needs expand, this solution is ready to grow with you.

Flexibility: Supports block (iSCSI, FC), file (NFS, SMB) and object (S3) protocols necessary for IP workflows. The optional add-on software provides data migration capabilities that make implementation even easier by replicating files from any legacy system.With the ability to connect with public clouds like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, the Unity NV1000 seamlessly fits any hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Security Against Ransomware: In 2020, the M&E industry had the highest level of ransomware attacks. Avoid ever having to worry about your ability to recover, users can seamlessly add on Nexsan’s Assureon data vault to create an Unbreakable Backup solution. The NV1000 supports immutable snapshots of volumes and file systems for the creation of locked-down point-in-time data copies. When utilized with the object locking feature in public cloud applications, users can create tamper-proof immutable backups.

Whether it’s helping our clients strengthen their data security or power their enterprise with a robust storage solution, Nexsan has the tools you need. For more than 30 years, we’ve been focused on providing organizations of all sizes with the technology they need to level up. To learn more connect with our team today.

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