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Operational surveillance requirements mean a higher number of deployed cameras – ranging from tens to thousands – with higher digital resolutions that in-turn drive increased networking bandwidth, storage performance and the capacity to retain recordings for months. Nexsan E-Series has been a workhorse for digital video and media solutions and is a clear choice for digital video surveillance deployments.

Security Camera


Protecting property, people and assets has sharpened focus on the convergence of IT and physical security infrastructure. Surveillance mandates and best practices are requiring longer retention periods and higher video resolution requirements to support investigations of criminal and terrorist activities. This has driven an unprecedented need for secure, reliable, and high-quality searchable video evidence around the clock.

Businesses and government agencies are driving demand to broadly deploy digital video surveillance systems with capabilities that include panoramic, high-definition IP-based cameras, Digital and Network Video Recorders, video management software, indexing applications, facial recognition technology, big data analysis and the storage media to capture and retain it all for as much as 365 days.

And in turn, these demands have created storage management challenges for digital video surveillance, including:

  • Maximized storage efficiency and scale as part of a video management solution
  • Increased capacity to meet the growth of live and retained high-definition streams
  • Increased density to fit within the constraints of the surveillance control environment
  • Increased performance for capture as well as multi-stream playback and search
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Continuous surveillance operations


Available in high-density configurations that hold up to 60 drives with the option to add expansion units, E-Series complement their vast available capacity with the ability to intermix capacity-optimized HDDs and performance optimized HDDs and SSDs to meet specific surveillance requirements. This flexibility is only possible because, unlike many vendors’ high-density arrays, the E-Series is purpose-built to deliver extraordinary reliability when operating under 24×7 enterprise-class workloads in often less than ideal locations.

  • Data Protection: E-Series can be configured with AES-256 Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) to protect data at rest and meet regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Easy DVS Storage Management: E-Series is up and running in minutes and managed with simplicity through an intuitive, single-pane-of-glass interface, even when remote. Innovative ease-of-use functionality makes deploying, managing and maintaining storage a snap for the resource DVS professional.
  • Greater DVS Storage Performance: A single E-Series can record digital video surveillance at a rate of 5.4GB/s and has been specifically designed to handle hundreds of parallel surveillance streams from high-resolution video sources without frame-drops.
  • DVS Storage Uptime: E-Series includes Cool Drive and Active Drawer Technologies, that when coupled with an anti-vibration design, produces a highly reliable DVS storage system that reduces disk drive failures and improves overall system performance, contributing to an always-on surveillance operation.
  • Lower DVS Opex: E-Series delivers up to 87% reduction in power and cooling, lowering operating expenses and extending overall life of the system. Flexible power management allows the user to configure each RAID set to progress into deeper levels of sleep when they have not been accessed for a specified amount of time. Five levels of power management allow you to balance power savings and responsiveness for varying applications.
  • Reduce DVS Storage Total Cost of Ownership: The unique E-Series chassis design reduces scaling complexities that arise with less efficient storage systems. Deployments are simple; require less cabling, less rack space and less ongoing administrative costs.

"Nexsan solutions mean predictability. They are ultra-reliable, they deliver tons of added value and you know exactly what you’re going to get when you buy them."

Nick Gold, Chesapeake