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What Kind of Data Storage Systems Does Nexsan Offer? Advanced block and file storage - SAN storage, NAS storage and archive storage. Our network storage can connect via Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS and are tailored to fit in virtual server environments and cloud storage environments.

Nexsan has historically been popularized in secondary storage applications like disk-to-disk backup, disaster recovery, bulk storage and archive storage. With the advent of SAS and SSD, a single Nexsan system can be leveraged for more than capacity driven applications but also primary storage applications like storage for databases and VMs. Nexsan's FASTier® SSD-cache triples real-word I/O performance of SAS and SATA drives, making it ideal for storage for virtual environments.

Nexsan's Flexible Storage Platform allows organizations to scale as they need and tailor a solution for their environment. Choose a straight-forward SATA disk array for backup storage and bulk storage or choose a feature-rich storage system with mixed drive types highlighted by snapshots, replication, thin provisioning and more. For data archiving, Nexsan's Assureon(R) represents the most innovative thinking in an online archive with file fingerprinting, deduplication, replication and more to securely store irreplaceable files and optimize primary storage capacity.

Why Buy Data Storage Systems from Nexsan? Midmarket organizations are typically plagued by:

  • Overly complex storage systems that require professional services and special training

  • Space and power constraints

  • Limited budgets

  • Business continuity concerns

Nexsan storage systems address all these challenges by delivering:

  • Leading simplicity (built for the IT generalist)

  • Leading storage density (high density storage with 60 disks in 4U)

  • Leading power management (up to 85% savings in power and cooling)

  • Leading cost-per-GB (contact us for a quote)

  • Leading reliability (industry leading AFR)

To get a sales quote from one of our authorized resellers or set up a free consultation with a solutions expert to discuss your data storage requirements, please CLICK HERE.