We’re Ready to Mobilize Your NAS at NetApp Insight 2015


Even though businesses have made big investments in their NAS systems to store vital data, the increasing mobile workforce requires a better way to seamlessly access and share files across their own devices in this 24/7 business world. Although most enterprise IT departments discourage or block the use of public cloud services due to security and compliance risks, many corporate users are bypassing these measures and continue to use them regardless of the risks. An on-premise, private cloud solution that delivers the features of popular cloud services can completely mitigate the data privacy and security threats and deliver huge gains in workforce productivity. In fact, up to 70% of businesses surveyed are extremely interested in running private cloud sync and share solutions from their own datacenter so they can keep control over data security, privacy and location.

Answering this demand with simple file sharing for users along with privacy, and compliance for IT admins, Connected Data gives enterprises a cost-effective way to add some modern functionality to their NetApp or other NAS system, delivering the ‘anytime, anywhere’ cloud experience users want and gaining full control over data location and redundancy. With the simplicity of Dropbox and the security and performance of an enterprise NAS, Transporter’s Network Storage Connector extends the capabilities and benefits of NetApp systems to deliver end-to-end file syncing from mobile device to NAS.

Showcasing this enterprise private cloud solution at NetApp Insight in Las Vegas this year, Connected Data is part of a brand new concept called NetApp Start-Up Alley within the Insight Central expo. Highlighting emerging tech and entrepreneurial companies in the NetApp ecosystem, this expo area features product demos and whiteboard sessions in various topics including drones, Internet of Things, mobility, robotics, file sharing, and more.

Offered only with our enterprise cloud storage appliances, Transporter Network Storage Connector creates a bridge to sync enterprise data stored on a NetApp appliance between Transporter shared folders. This seamless and secure file sharing solution eliminates the need for a VPN (cue collective cheering) and is maintained behind a company’s firewall for true data privacy and protection. Come by and chat with the Connected Data team in the Start-Up Alley to learn how Transporter’s Network Storage Connector works with existing NetApp systems to:

• Deliver bidirectional-synchronization to enterprise data on NetApp systems
• Provide mobile access to users without a VPN
• Give users access to files located on multiple NetApp systems
• Create a simple Dropbox-like experience for corporate users
• Integrate seamlessly with existing applications and processes
• Regain control and security over the data for the IT function
• Deliver a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO)

We hope to see all you NetApp users and partners at the show next week!