Welcome Olympic Athlete and Entrepreneur Zoe Gillings-Brier to the Transporter Network

Zoe Transporter

Ranked as the #1 professional snowboard cross athlete in the UK for the past 12 years, Zoe Gillings-Brier is not just a seasoned competitor with three (going on four) Olympic games under her belt, she’s also an entrepreneur who’s launched multiple online companies plus shoots her own HD sports footage to distribute directly to the media. This means a lot of travel, a lot of large files to share with both team members and press, and not getting her needs met with her premium Dropbox account that limited her to 5GB file sizes.

“Dropbox played a key role in my everyday activities BUT there were three major points which I wasn’t happy with. I felt $100 a year was a hefty sum for the storage offered, I had no idea where my own data was being stored and the total amount of data I wanted to store couldn’t exceed my already overloaded computer. Due to the privacy of the data I didn’t want to put my business data on there.”

With the file size upload limits and privacy concerns of Dropbox, Zoe became interested in Transporter to get all the file sharing and access benefits of cloud storage, but with the privacy and redundancy she desired for both her personal and business files. Zoe travels and compete all over the World for up to eight months of the year and spends the rest of her time at her Leeds home in England, so the IT infrastructure around her business must deliver on-demand access to everything and offsite provide redundancy for backup, in case of stolen or broken equipment or a natural disaster.

This world traveler keeps digital copies of passports and other important data online in case anything goes missing, and constantly on the road she stays in touch with friends and family by sharing access to files and folders. Zoe regularly uses mobile apps on her iPhone and iPad to access data while on the go, such as making all logistical arrangements including booking hotels or flights, scheduling meetings, hiring cars, or accessing competition data when travelling for training and events.

Be sure to check out Zoe’s blog series and follow her on Twitter about her move from Dropbox to Transporter private cloud to simplify her personal computing, sporting brand, and business ventures. Welcome to the Transporter network Zoe!