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Vexata VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array delivers over ten times the performance at lower costs than conventional all-flash storage arrays. The VX-100F enables the enterprise to experience massive improvements in application efficiencies and provides the blazing performance needed for machine learning/AI, next generation analytics, and other transactional applications that are used in the transformation to the cognitive era.

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“Timing is everything when responding to a disaster. It is so important that the information and analysis we provide are accurate, and that it can be rapidly disseminated and readily used by a decision maker when it is truly needed.”

Ray Shirkhodai, PDC Executive Director

Accelerated Data Platform

Vexata shatters the traditional cost/performance barrier with a scalable solid state storage platform that accelerates application and analytics ecosystems.

Breakthrough Economics

Vexata delivers twice the performance and scale at half the cost of competing solutions.

Transformative Performance

Transformative Performance

Comprehensive software architecture utilizes NVMe media to deliver the lowest latency and highest throughput available on the market.

Simplified Operations

Simplified Operations

Advanced data management and analytics deliver detailed visibility and proactive application-level performance monitoring.