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for Automated Archiving and DR

The Utah Transit Authority was collecting mountains of surveillance video on a daily basis. As volumes of unstructured data were piling up, their backup window had extended to an impossible five days. The public transportation organization needed to improve their data protection efficiency with a new archiving solution that would help ensure regulatory compliance while supporting their disaster recovery plans.

Overview: Assureon Selected for Email Archiving Solution, Meeting Compliance and Regulations

UTA operates a public transportation system throughout the Wasatch Front of Utah. Transportation includes fixed route buses, express buses, ski buses, three light rail lines (TRAX), and a commuter rail line (FrontRunner) that travels from Salt Lake City to Peasant View, north of Ogden. Its main operations are based in Salt Lake City.

With Public Transportation Comes Video Surveillance

And with as many transportation routes, stations and vehicles as are operated by UTA, an enormous amount of surveillance video can be captured every day. This, combined with heavy operational usage of unstructured data, was creating volumes of data that the UTA needed to efficiently and effectively archive to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our data growth was having a tremendous impact on our backup window. It would take us five days to perform a full backup. We needed to find a solution that could dramatically reduce this without requiring heavy investments time from our small IT team.

John Jones, Desktop & Systems Supervisor, UTA

The organization’s email archiving solution, which protected the volumes of email communication produced by UTA staff, was also of particular importance. This archive needed to be efficiently stored for simplified recovery and assured protection.

seeking a tiered storage archive system to Reduce the Backup Window while decreasing time & Management

Solution at a Glance
  • Production and email data
  • Two Nexsan Assureon systems
  • Multiple Nexsan SASBeasts storage systems with a combination of SAS and SATA drives
  • Sire Archiving document archive software
  • Legato MailXtender email archiving software
  • Reduction in backup window from five days to one
  • Storage optimization for greatly reduced costs
  • Regulatory and corporate compliance
  • Simplified management
  • Complete data separation and encryption

Once the UTA knew it could no longer risk an ever-increasing backup window, it began to seek a tiered storage archive system that would simplify its data protection processes without high cost or intensive management. The solution UTA found was a Nexsan Assureon™ archive storage system.

“UTA’s data growth was having a tremendous impact on their backup window,” said Kirby Park, President, Ramsys Computer. “Because it was requiring an extended period of time to perform a full backup, they needed to find a solution that could dramatically reduce the backup window without requiring heavy time investments or complex management. That’s when we recommended Nexsan Assureon. It provided the ability to separate the backup and archive streams for the enhanced performance and optimization needed to support remote replication while scaling to multiple petabytes to meet storage requirements.”

Assureon, a member of the Nexsan Flexible Storage Platform™, is an archive storage system that is ideal for storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and long-term archiving. Advanced optimization techniques include offloading primary storage to free up space for active data and thereby reducing the size, time and costs of monthly full backups. Assureon complies with governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17 and simplifies the enforcement of company data retention, privacy and protection policies. Ultimately, Assureon offered the reliability, efficiency and ease of management UTA needed at an affordable price point.

“I was impressed by the Nexsan tiered storage solution. We found significant value in the features and was even more surprised by the price. It was a fraction of that charged by other system vendors,” added Jones.

The public transportation organization deployed two Assureon systems in a mirrored mode at two separate sites within nine miles of each other and connected by a Fiber optic IP Network for disaster recovery. UTA uses multiple Nexsan SASBeast storage systems with a combination of SAS and SATA drives for backend storage. Sire Archiving document archive software seamlessly interacts with the Assureon systems.

Deploying the Assureon systems Securely Protects Data for Compliance & Disaster Recovery

UTA saw immediate results after deploying the Assureon systems. It cut its backup time from five days to one and the company is now confident that all of its video and unstructured data is securely protected for compliance and disaster recovery. It also improved the overall efficiency of the UTA email archive, assuring high performance and rapid recovery when required. The UTA is now ready for its continued storage growth to support its fast paced public transportation infrastructure.

With Nexsan Assureon, we dramatically reduced our backup window. It has proven to be a very capable DR solution and storage archive, both simple and reliable. You just set it and forget it.

John Jones, Desktop and Systems Supervisor, UTA