Ultra Demands of Ultra HD: Choosing the Right Storage System for Media and Entertainment



There’s no “one size fits all” in IT. When it comes to choosing a storage system, there are often more options than you know what to do with, and what works for one application may be the wrong choice for the next. Nothing better exemplifies this conundrum than video and post-production storage solutions.

When building a storage system to meet the high demands of collaborative video editing, you must meet requirements that differ from what is common for enterprise data centers. The traditional performance metrics just won’t get there. Megabits per second and IOPS, while central to distinguishing an enterprise infrastructure, do not answer the question: “Do I have enough performance?”

Instead, the metric most influential for M&E workflows is streaming performance. This trumps all other metrics for post-production infrastructure because it directly influences the workability of the storage solution. Having multiple users simultaneously accessing multiple files at resolutions of up to 4K can quickly bog down an ill-equipped system and limit production speeds of an entire studio. IT administrators know that if a problem can be avoided by making a simple technology change, it’s worth exploring.

Even after knowing what to look for, finding a solution to meet all your post-production needs can be tough. We recommend a Bright Technologies media workflow solution in combination with our Imation Nexsan E-Series high-performance, high-density and high-reliability storage solution. This bundle is purpose-built for post-production and broadcast use cases, and has delivered real-world value.

To read learn more about Bright Technologies paired with Nexsan E-Series, explore the solution details here.