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We’ll be the first people to tell you that cloud services are great. They provide a level of convenience that can be hard to beat.

How many of you use DropBox? Carbonite? YouSendIt?

As you know, DropBox takes care of all your simple cloud sharing needs. It’s easy to share pictures of the family or have quick access to important documents on a regular basis. Carbonite acts as a personal cloud storage device, backing up all of your important files, and YouSendIt let’s you send large files to anyone (via a link the recipient downloads the file from).

All of these services are very useful, but isn’t it odd that you need to use all three? Wasn’t the cloud supposed to be easy? Why couldn’t there be something that took the place of all three? Did you know a private cloud storage device like Transporter can replace all three services?

Don’t believe us? Let us explain…

Unless you’re using the free version of DropBox, you’ll have a monthly fee to pay for additional storage with Dropbox, pay to back up your files with Carbonite, and pay to send large files with YouSendIt. If you’re using all three services to accomplish this, that’s a minimum subscription fee of $340 per year. With Transporter, there are no subscription fees. All you do is buy the product and set it up. That’s it.

So instead of using three services, just use a Transporter.