Transporter for Business: Powerful Features for Org Admins

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Transporter enterprise file sync and share appliances offer users the benefits of public cloud services combined with the security of an on-premise solution an organization owns and controls. Enhanced tools give IT the ability to manage either an entire organization or departmental groups inside a business, with total visibility and control of data. Connected Data defines an organization as a set of Transporter users with an administrator referred to as an Org Admin, who has the ability to manage both Org and guest users as well as the Transporter appliance itself. An organization may have many Transporter devices associated with it, all under the control of the Org Admin.

With these enhanced capabilities Connected Data is bringing data back into IT control, maintaining the privacy of an organization’s information, and meeting enterprise requirements with features like Network Storage Connector to bring secure mobile access to an existing NAS system and Active Directory integration.

For users like Zoe-Gillings Brier, a professional snowboard athlete and online business owner, the additional features on Transporter’s business appliance make a huge difference for managing different groups of users. “The major difference in terms of set up of the Transporter 15 business unit [as an Org Admin] is the creation of the management account. It is worth remembering that was the only difference in terms of set up, the differences in terms of functionality and managing all users is huge.”

“Despite the addition of just a few tabs, they are feature rich. Unlike running a standard account, with the Transporter 15 you can have multiple Transporter units within the organization. The management account user can manage the size and allocation of all data within the organization but crucially cannot access other users data. Within the manage Transporters tab you also receive a snapshot of the Transporter you are viewing such as capacity, free space, IP addresses, status, serial number, etc. along with every shared folder and corresponding disc usage.” You can read more about her use case at her blog.

Other customers like Yancey County, NC turn to Transporter to deliver the security and privacy the county needs to assure resident data is protected, while offering the scalability and ease of use needed to support its users’ requirements. “Transporter has been very simple to deploy and our users required very little training. Many of our employees are not that technically savvy, so any new solution must be very easy to use. Transporter meets this requirement with flying colors while saving us hours of support time and costs in the process,” said Adam Woody, IT Administrator for Yancey County.

Dashboard: Mission Control
The Transporter dashboard or ‘web admin’ is where the Org Admin gets the control and visibility needed to manage the wealth of features, from adding and organizing users to accessing file logs. The Org Admin dashboard includes group management, Active Directory Integration, and the ability to add or remove users from the organization’s Transporter. Org Admins can also see which user has created a shared folder, who has accessed shared files, and other helpful visibility tools.

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Manage Organization Users
Transporter for business can support up to 150 users per appliance, with the org admin controlling the users each step of the way, starting with adding users and creating groups. This can be manual or use the Transporter Directory Connector (TDC) utility to invite users from an existing Active Directory account, up to 1,000 users in an organization (including the org admin).

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Adding, Removing, and Assigning Transporters
If you max out the amount of users per appliance, or want to install a local unit at a branch office or as a redundant backup, org admins can scale out and assign users to a new Transporter. This can be done by adding additional appliances under the same account, while giving the employee the benefit of fast local performance and additional storage space when working away from corporate headquarters.

Leverage your Existing NAS
Transporter easily integrates with your existing infrastructure, making your existing NAS work as private cloud storage for file sharing and remote access, as we recently launched with our Transporter Network Storage Connector feature. With just a few simple steps via the dashboard, an org admin can link an organization’s existing NAS and give users remote access to company data from their mobile devices.

Review & Manage User Content
When circumstances like tech support, emergency, or personnel circumstances dictate that IT should take control of a user’s files and data, Transporter org admins can manage all aspects of a Shared Folder belonging to an Org User. Org Admins can remove users from a folder, take ownership of a folder, edit a folder’s contents, change read-write/read-only status of folder members, or delete a folder. As an Org Admin, you can review any file links created by users to review how links are created and accessed by others in or out of the organization.

Collect device logs
Org Admins also have the oversight to view accessed data with Transporter logs, divided into Transporter Desktop (local to the computer) and Transporter (from the device itself). For security reasons, only the Org Admin is allowed to collect the device portion of the logs, and a user will get an additional authentication challenge when attempting to collect device logs from an Organization-owned Transporter.

Backup management
A major challenge for businesses using public cloud for file sync and share services is that there is no easy way to back up the data for disaster recovery purposes. Cloud Storage Service Providers assume their internal backup capabilities are “good enough” when in reality there have been many documented cases of permanent data loss. In addition to offering automated offsite replication, Transporter appliances are also compatible with your existing backup infrastructure, allowing you to choose how your data is protected.

You can get a first-hand look for yourself of these special org admin features by watching our video or setting up a Live Look demo with one of our Transporter experts.