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The Next Generation of Unified Storage Needs to be Smart, Connected, and Fast

2015 gave us advances in cost-effective flash storage and this year is no exception. Both all-flash and unified storage systems deliver high performance, scale to petabytes of storage, and tout an affordable price point for small and midrange enterprises. Seems to hit all the checkmarks, right?

But a critical element is missing for the modern workforce that is always on the latest mobile devices. Storage not only needs to be fast, but also smart and connected.

What the Modern Workforce Wants

Remote access. Mobility. Connectivity and collaboration. It’s all essential to provide anytime access to corporate data that allows shared access among workgroups and global teams. Mobile users access terabytes of rich content, and this connected workforce expects fast onsite and remote access for any size file.

In a survey Nexsan conducted of 100 UK IT professionals at the Cloud Expo London in April, security and speed were considered the top barriers to a truly connected workforce. Nearly one in five employees consider their company’s current storage inadequate for collaborative working, and almost all surveyed (98%) need to work remotely or collaboratively in some way.

While 91% felt they were permitted to access work files outside of the office, only 58% considered access to files away from the office as private and secure. Another major barrier to collaborative working was the length of time traditional storage or public cloud services take to download and upload work. And workers are even using their own phones and tablets to increase their productivity and stay connected to colleagues around the world, with 61% of users accessing company data on their own devices. So taking these into account, what does the next generation of storage need to deliver for these always connected, collaborative employees?

How Nexsan Does Unified Storage for a Mobile Workforce

A unified storage solution needs to seamlessly and securely connects today’s mobile workforce to files in the corporate data center. And it needs to do it fast. With the performance and feature-set you’d expect from a unified storage array, Nexsan’s UNITY solution uniquely delivers file sync and share in a private cloud solution — at no extra cost. Users get instant access and sharing capability they need from any device without compromising compliance or privacy policies. Enterprise n-way sync makes it easy to move large files across distributed offices and teams at LAN speeds, all within the organization’s secure firewall-protected infrastructure.

No other storage solution combines high performance unified storage with integrated enterprise file sync and share features in one platform, ensuring both workforce productivity and business continuity. See why Nexsan UNITYTM is the most complete midrange primary storage system for the modern enterprise:

  • Access large data files and collaborate anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Business Continuity is provided by having key files at multiple locations
  • Filer-on-LAN performance to local users within the network
  • Multi-site collaboration on any size or quantities of files
  • Assure locality and easily store data to main access points
  • Maintain control of data within the organization
  • Secure and private to protect corporate IT and meet compliance
  • Easy to scale data storage as your organization grows
  • Worry free operations and simplicity
  • Improves operational efficiencies

Nexsan UNITY brings the first high-performance, high capacity unified storage with n-Way Sync to the market to fulfill the needs of the connected world.