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The Holidays: How to promise data protection after a BYOD hangover

The holidays are a time for the giving and receiving of presents – this increasingly includes the latest gadgets, from iPhones to smart watches and tablets. As employees begin to use these gifts in the workplace in the New Year, they bring a whole host of issues for CIO’s.

Though a connected workforce is key in today’s world, to ensure high levels of productivity and collaboration, using these devices to store, share and access company data can put this corporate information at great risk. Data leakage continues to be a major concern for business; this concern is amplified by BYOD as it means that companies will have no visibility into how the data is being used or where it is stored.

These devices and the data stored on them can also be lost or stolen and with data becoming more and more valuable this is not something organisations can afford to leave to chance. There is also the additional risk that these home devices lack advanced security measures, providing a gateway for hackers and leaving the companies own servers at risk.

This holiday, smart IT leaders will prepare before and after the holiday season, to ensure they can mitigate these risks, for example, by offering a secure file sync and share (FSS) platform.

With Nexsan Unity, savvy CIOs can allow these gifts to be used to gain a business advantage. Unity is the first and only hyper-unified NAS storage for block and file workloads with Dropbox-like sync & share, multi-site sync, and security archive. This on-premises private cloud satisfies IT requirements for security and provides extensive mobile and web access. Allowing employees to access company data, on the go, from any mobile or tablet device. This increases employee productivity, as the workforce can stay connected to their data – wherever they may be.

If you would like to know more about what Nexsan Unity can offer, request a demo or check out our page for a full update: