Take Your Files Everywhere with Transporter Mobile Apps

Transporter MobileTransporter is not only convenient for accessing and sharing files from desktop to desktop, but you can also take your library anywhere you go across all your mobile devices. Whether it’s on a tablet or phone, iOS or Android (even a combination of the two), the Transporter mobile apps keeps all your music, photos, documents, and videos right in your hands. Here’s some additional features that will help you get the most from your own private cloud while you’re out on the go:

Automatically Protect Mobile Camera Photos
Transporter is great for accessing all your photos, but did you know it’s also an easy way to automatically protect your mobile photos and videos? The mobile camera auto-upload feature uses GPS technology built into mobile devices, so once enabled you can choose a primary location such as a home or office from where you would like the camera roll to automatically upload. Alternately, you can choose the “Upload Now” feature if you’re eager to get your freshly snapped photos stored securely to your device.

blog-tips21Create Folders on Your Mobile Device
Keeping data organized on your phone or tablet is now even easier. Our latest software release introduced the ability to create folders on your Transporter right from the mobile applications, meaning you don’t have to wait until you’re back home and working on the desktop to get all your files situated. Look for the Folder icon at the bottom of your app screen, then enter any name that will now show up as a new folder across all your devices.

Transporter Apps
Upload Files from Mobile App
Uploading files from your Android, iOS or Kindle Fire devices is easy using our free mobile applications. Upload on Android or Kindle – select the file you want to upload, tap the share button in the upper right and select the Transporter icon. Upload on iOS – tap and hold the file and select “Open in Transporter” from the menu. This will launch the Transporter iOS app and ask you to choose a location within the Transporter folder.