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Nexsan offers a free Nexsan RAID Storage UI plugin which allows IT admins to manage Nexsan’s High Density Storage products in their data center within vSphere, the leading virtualization management solution from VMware. Nexsan RAID Storage UI plugin fully integrates with VMware vCenter to provide end-to-end lifecycle management for virtual machines (VMs) in VMware environments that use Nexsan E-Series or BEAST storage systems.

Nexsan RAID Storage UI plugin leverages Nexsan’s custom management software to deliver comprehensive, centralized management of Nexsan storage environments in SAN-based VMware virtual server and desktop infrastructures, greatly simplifying virtualized storage management, and delivering excellent performance from virtualized storage environments.

This vCenter Server plug-in from Nexsan enables a wide range of integration and extension scenarios using Nexsan E-Series’ and BEAST’s own product-specific menu selections, views, tabs, and toolbar icons to gain access to external, web-based functions. For example, with Nexsan RAID Storage UI plugin you can:

Nexsan RAID Storage UI plugin supports E18P, E48P, E60P, BEAST and BEAST Elite as well as previous generation E-Series V products.

The Nexsan RAID Storage vCenter Plugin supports vCenter versions 6.5, 6.7, and 7.0.

Download the vCenter Plugin.

View Nexsan on the VMware Compatibility Guide.  

–Grahame Morrison, Director of Product Management