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No one wants to believe that their organization will be the target of compliance auditors and potential fines and penalties for non-compliance, but that threat is real and increasing. Some organizations believe that they cannot afford the necessary precautions to meet heightened compliance standards. However, a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Globalscape discovered that it’s surprisingly 2.71 times more expensive for an organization to fail to comply with these mandates. The average cost of compliance is $5.47 million, which may give these organizations sticker shock until compared with the average cost for non-compliance at $14.82 million.

Nexsan has a long history of helping organizations comply with the growing number of regulatory mandates:

Protection and Compliance with Assureon Cloud Edition

Nexsan’s Assureon has a unique solution that offers organizations three different deployment options for protecting data and compliance with regulations. Assureon with Cloud Edition provides flexibility in implementation as a cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises solution. It adapts to your organization’s infrastructure and enhances efficiency and performance. No matter what solution you choose to deploy, Assureon will give you a peace of mind for compliance.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Besides the threat of ransomware, here is why integrating solutions like Assureon® becomes so essential. There are all kinds of evolving industry regulations that demand compliance, not just for legal reasons, but to secure your specific data types from potential industry-specific cyberthreats.

Assureon by design exceeds the strictest requirements for data integrity, protection, privacy, and security, with complete audit trails which can simplify an organization’s ability to automatically adhere to internal data management guidelines for operations like data retention, deletion, privacy, protection, and risk mitigation.

Compliance requirements vary from one industry to the next. For example, any organization that handles healthcare data (including insurance providers, telemedicine companies, and call centers) must have immediate access to complete, accurate audit trails, as well as data authenticity and identification of unauthorized charges.

In California, the California Consumer Privacy Act not only outlines what kind of information organizations can collect from consumers, but also which precautions organizations must enable to keep this data secure.

Assureon provides secure, immutable storage for all types of data stored within an enterprise. Assureon utilizes unique combinations of file fingerprints, serial numbers, secure time stamps, data verification, and private blockchain to protect data for compliance but also from potential errors or cyberattacks.  The use of private blockchain is still a relatively new concept in data management but one that differentiates Assureon from other systems.

Assureon Blockchain Formatting

You may already know about blockchain-type databases. Assureon uses this technology to store data in an immutable data structure. Blockchain databases differ from other databases in how they store information.

These databases store data in blocks, which are then chained together—thus the name. New data is entered into fresh blocks; then as blocks are filled with data, they are chained to the previous blocks, so it is connected in chronological order. Decentralized blockchains are immutable. In other words, the data entered is irreversible.

Assureon Private Blockchain gives organizations the ability to protect and secure their digital assets without the risk of data loss. Using cryptography to secure transitions, as well as automated integrity audits and site redundancy, Assureon maintains data integrity, storing digital assets for long-term data protection, retention, and compliance.

Amidst all these varying kinds of compliance regulations, Nexsan Assureon helps organizations exceed regulatory compliance standards. Initially designed to meet the strict requirements of health and financial industries, Assureon adheres to changing regulations and evolving cybersecurity threats since its inception over 15 years ago.

Secure your data with the leading regulatory compliant storage solution that is affordable, easy to use, and exceeds guidelines. Prepare your organization for anything with Nexsan’s compliant data storage solutions. Learn more about Assureon by contacting us today!

Recently ZDNet reported that Microsoft’s long-awaited feature update introduced a bug which deleted user files in a way not easily recoverable. An underappreciated problem with modern computer systems is despite the layers of error detection, they remain unable to tell the user when files (or folders full of files) simply disappear. The cause can be a bug in the operating system, as in this latest Microsoft problem, or it can be a bug or unexpected behavior of any application program that has access to the folders in question. It could even be a case of a user error, which happens in about 30% of data loss cases.

One of the best ways to combat the different unexpected file volatility issues is to use an active archive storage solution. This solution actively maintains a secure inventory of your files from the time of creation of the file and periodically checks to ensure that all the files you are supposed to have are still present. Even better is a system that reports any missing or corrupted files and automatically replaces them with validated backup copies.

Nexsan Assureon does exactly this – it monitors all servers and file systems you specify, and makes a copy of any newly created files. Information about the file, called metadata, is assembled including the file name, timestamp, a cryptographic fingerprint, and the administrator defined retention rules. The file is issued a globally-unique consecutive serial number, and then stored in two separate Assureon nodes. Best practice is to position these two Assureon nodes in different geographic locations, taking advantage of the high integrity replication technology embedded in the product. The metadata is added to a cryptographically chained list, very similar to how Blockchain works. Over time, Assureon audits the serial number sequence to validate that every file is present and the contents still match the stored cryptographic fingerprint. If a file is missing or corrupted, the administrator (and Nexsan) are notified of the problem and it automatically self-heals using the other validated copy.

You can avoid the silent loss of your critical business assets due to file system volatility by implementing an Assureon active archive solution to provide short and long term protection against improper loss or corruption of data. As a bonus, Assureon also helps protect you against catastrophic data loss due to Ransomware and Safeguards your company in the face of a natural disaster. Read How to Protect from Ransomware with Assureon.