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StorCentric Data Mobility Suite (DMS), an all-inclusive software solution, empowers organizations to seamlessly move data where it needs to be.  DMS is a cloud-enabled data management solution that supports data migration, data replication, and data synchronization across mixed environments including disk, tape, and cloud to maximize ROI by eliminating data silos. DMS supports vendor-agnostic file replication and synchronization and is easily deployed and managed on a non-proprietary server.  DMS can transfer millions of files simultaneously and protects data in transit to/from the cloud with SSL encryption.

  • All-Inclusive Software Solution
  • Cloud-Enabled Architecture
  • Flexible Data Migrations
  • Efficient Content Distribution with Replication
  • Synchronization of Files

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No matter where you are storing your data, Data Mobility Suite provides a way to move the data to or from any vendor’s storage array, tape, public or private clouds.  ROI is maximized by delivering the data where you need it to eliminate data silos, improve employee productivity, and deliver an extra layer of data protection.

Data Migration

Streamlines point-to-point data movement from any storage platform to another.

File Synchronization

Ensure every member of the team has access to the latest version of files.


Efficient content distribution across enterprises.

Cloud Connector

The S3 connection moves data to/from the cloud to optimize hybrid cloud infrastructures.

“Data mobility has become a key issue for IT teams as they accelerate their integration of multiple cloud providers alongside existing infrastructure,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG. “This also means that data strategies have to adapt, and StorCentric’s Data Mobility Suite will help organizations stay in control of their data, wherever it resides, today, tomorrow, and into the future.”