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Archiving your data not only safeguards it from potential threat and loss, but also offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data, greatly reducing the size, cost and complexity of backups. A best-in-class archive system must also comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17.

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Explosive data growth is highlighting the inefficiencies of housing huge quantities of data on costly primary storage. The vast majority of this data is seldom accessed, and doesn’t require the high performance (and high costs) that primary storage entails. Not all data is equal, and IT managers are applying storage optimization principles to better match storage to data’s performance, capacity, and connectivity needs.

But as these storage optimization initiatives migrate less-active data from primary to archive storage, a crucial issue is frequently overlooked—the risk of data loss. Nexsan Assureon and Unity Assureon Archive were purpose-built to deliver unrivaled data protection for archive data, whether it’s stored for days or decades. In short, they make it possible for IT professionals to cut primary storage costs without cutting corners on data protection.


Assureon and Unity Assureon Archive protect your information better than any other archive solution on the market, enabling organizations to meet regulatory demands while ensuring data does not become corrupted or worse yet, deleted before its time. If Assureon or Unity Assureon Archive discovers lost or corrupted data during regular background maintenance sweeps, it will fix it first then let you know that a problem has been handled. Restoring data lost from a catastrophic event has never been easier.

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"Assureon is providing many times our expected return-on-investment already."

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