Scale-Out Storage for Video Surveillance

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With the use of high-resolution cameras, virtualized servers, and highly-networked security operations, selecting the right storage solution is critical to capturing and managing surveillance video. Here are some storage options that meet the needs of surveillance.

v13-overview-v2-1-chartNexsan Video Security Architecture

Rising concerns over protecting property, people, and assets have sharpened focus on the convergence of IT and physical security infrastructures. The growing capability and reduced cost of high-definition IP-based cameras, Network Video Recorder and indexing applications, facial recognition technology, and big data analysis has driven an
unprecedented capability to provide secure, searchable video evidence 24x7x365.This capability has also driven new compliance and legal expectations. Video evidence is now de rigueur in criminal and civil cases, and retention windows are driven both by regulatory mandate and increasingly rigorous corporate policy.These expectations mean new storage management challenges for digital video, including:

  • Increased capacity to meet the growth of live and retained streams
  • Maximized utilization of network, server, and storage infrastructures
  • Secured chain of custody for evidentiary purposes

NexsanTM storage systems address these needs in the physical security ecosystem. Airports, financial institutions, transit authorities, government installations, casinos, retailers, and sports/entertainment venues – among others – already employ Nexsan storage systems for mission-critical security requirements. Additionally, most popular brands of IP cameras, analog converters, NVRs, video management applications, networking infrastructure, and facial recognition/data analysis solutions work with
Nexsan systems.

IT and security administrators are always looking to maximize flexibility, performance, manageability, and value. Easy-to-install Nexsan storage systems deliver world-class physical security capabilities – without the world-class price.

Seven Goals for Video Surveillance Operations

  • Consolidate NVR and video management instances to fewer servers
  • Integrate legacy CCTV and DVR systems into a fully-networked, manageable, scalable enterprise architecture
  • Reduce the footprint needed for video storage
  • Speed response to emergencies, investigations, and discovery requests
  • Decrease analytics windows
  • Consolidate valuable files from hard-to-manage tapes or optical disks
  • Reallocate time to securing the business, away from administering hardware

More Hours, More Resolution, No Problems

Today’s security operation is continuously challenged to do more with less. Increased camera resolutions are becoming a strategic consideration for surveillance, delivering the ability to cover more area, zoom in on people or objects without loss of detail, and deliver sharp picture quality for use in analytics. Many companies now require higher-resolution video to ensure compliance with insurance providers, increase loss recovering, and serve as greater deterrence to criminal acts.

High resolution also comes with a price, requiring up to 20 times more storage than lower-resolution video captured with older technology. Further, this increased storage capacity still needs to fit into close quarters – and cramped budgets.

NexsanTM E-Series system solves these problems, delivering enough capacity for 8 cameras to record approximately 6 months of H.264 constant bit-rate (CBR) video1 in just 2 units of rack space. And E-Series systems provide plenty of bandwidth for recording high-definition video without dropping frames – crucial for evidentiary acceptance.

High reliability is a given requirement for storage targets in the always-on nature of physical security. E-Series products deliver a no-single-point-of-failure platform that supports around-the-clock recording.

Feature Reliability benefits
Redundant components such as controllers, power supplies, and fans Keeps systems recording 24×7 – if a component fails, the other continues operation until replacement
ActiveDrawer Technology Keeps systems operational during maintenance such as swapping in new drives or other components
CoolDrive Technology Reduces risk of losing a hard drive during recording through lower system operating temperatures

Long-term “cold storage” retention is increasingly important for many corporate and regulatory compliance scenarios. Access E-Series AutoMAID™ technology to set policies for progressive levels of power conservation on any RAID set while remaining online, saving as much as 87% in power and cooling.

1Estimated storage requirements for 8 cameras recording at 1280×1024 H.264, 30 FPS. Actual capacity requirements may vary by compression, file format, FPS, resolution, and other factors.

Benefits Of Nexsan Video Surveillance Storage

  • More hours of video in less space – easily add capacity to support more cameras and higher resolutions
  • Nonstop video operations, even during maintenance – no need to power down systems even during common service operations
  • High-performing, continuous stream recording with no dropped frames
  • Easy to install, set up, and configure using wizard-driven management software
  • Ready for virtualization technology – supports VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, and other major virtualization technologies
  • Highly secure protection for evidence, offering chain-of-custody and immutability tools to keep video and other data admissible for evidentiary purposes

Chain-Of-Custody For Evidence And Compliance Data

Evidentiary video clips, financial documentation, compliance data, and other information require chain-of-custody and immutability, Assureon storage systems deliver a highly secure fixed-data solution.

The Assureon™ turnkey archiving solution delivers the ultimate in data integrity for each file that is securely archived. Saved to an Assureon system, files (e.g., video, audio, documents, photos, mapping data) are fingerprinted to make its history and content unalterable after the fact. Active Directory™ and digital certificate support gives secure access only to authorized users, and leaves an audit trail of file accesses. Legal holds can also be placed on files in an Assureon archive, overriding other access policies. Further, Assureon storage offers AES-256 encryption with managed keys, enabling single-point global deletion by destroying the key.

Because the Assureon secure archive is designed to work transparently with existing applications, no APIs are needed to deliver these benefits for the physical security network.

When chain-of-custody is vital to your video surveillance retention policies, the Nexsan Assureon secure archive solution delivers.