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Save Yourself from Rising Primary Storage Costs

We get it – your trusty primary storage is fast and puts tons of terabytes at your disposal. You load it up with as much data as possible, so you can access your files at a moment’s notice. But this seemingly innocent data hoarding can rack up costs as large portions of it goes unused.  You end up spending more dollars buying additional primary storage to back up all the data files instead of offloading or eliminating the unused, non-essential data.

Are you guilty as charged?

Like all good IT people worth their salt, you know that best practices suggest moving less active data to lower tier of cheaper storage if performance isn’t that critical. You know that data offloads free up space for active files and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups. But the trick is actually identifying those types of data.

Tools for IT pros can be costly or complicated to run in your already busy day, and no one needs that. Nexsan’s answer is our simple, free, and powerful new Data Discovery Tool to give you solid insight to the data stored across your organization.

This easy to use tool quickly scans your files to give full insight into how much data is being currently used, and what should be moved, archived, or deleted. You can run the tool off any Windows-OS machine and point it to all folders or just specific folders within your organization, wherever you want the data analyzed. This helps you decide and architect the optimal storage infrastructure for your business, with the ultimate goal of reducing costs from your already tight IT budget.

And because Nexsan is all about giving the best tools to get the job done right, we’ll also give you personal insight from one our storage architects. Just send us a copy of your report to get further analysis and recommendations for optimizing your storage environment…for free.

To discover your data and get a better understanding of your storage needs, make sure to try it out with our free download here.