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Of all the cybercriminal threats out there, being attacked by ransomware is among the most devastating. The FBI reports that in 2016 companies are on target to pay an estimated $1 billion in ransomware payments, up over 40X from all of 2015. Traditional protection methods aren’t always working. Unity Assureon Archive and Assureon’s built-in resistance to file tampering or destruction gives you real-world protection against ransomware attacks today.

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Your Second Line of Defense Against Ransomware

The growth in ransomware attacks will continue at a high rate as it’s a highly lucrative business. Even with careful IT departments and precautions, anti-malware products are not infallible. When they fail, the malware encrypts every file, and attackers demand a large ransom payment before the decryption key is provided. If you don’t promptly send the payment, the decryption key may be deleted and all your encrypted files will be lost forever. You need to insure that you are doing everything you can to protect your data, preserve your organization’s reputation and maintain the workforce’s productivity.

Nexsan Assureon and Unity Assureon Archive were purpose-built to deliver unrivaled data protection with a hardened archive solution. Assureon and  Unity Assureon Archive make recovery of unaltered files fast and easy so there’s no disruption and no need to pay the ransom.

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Assureon and Unity Assureon Archive were architected from the beginning around the knowledge that attempts at corruption or deletion can come from anyone, anywhere and at any time. Assureon and Unity Assureon Archive include auditing, integrity checks, unique file fingerprints, serial numbers and self-healing features that protects files from being corrupted in any way including ransomware. Not only is it great ransomware protection but it also solves organization’s difficult regulatory compliance storage requirements for HIPAA, SEC17a-4, Dodd-Frank, FDA 22, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and more. No other product is like it in the market place.

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"The best file restoration strategy currently on the market is in the form of an archive data protection system, which unlike antivirus or anti-malware solutions can resurrect files after a ransomware attack."

Gary Watson