Lower storage costs and get maximum uptime with Beast’s practical and hardworking, reliable storage platform, giving you 480TB in 4U. Beast is built specifically for applications with enormous data growth like backup, archive, digital video surveillance, and more.

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There are plenty of things to worry about every day and storage shouldn’t be one of them. The BEAST is built to withstand some pretty tough storage environments outside the data center like ships, subway stations, and storage closets that are less than ideal environments. We make it easy to use the BEAST—our customers say, “you just set it and forget it.”


480TB in just 4U, or combine systems for over 1.44PB in a single rack.


Start as small as 30TB and expand to 1.44PB in one configuration.


All systems are stress-tested to deliver the highest reliability out of the box.


Improve energy efficiencies and cost-savings.

Anti-Vibration Design™

Reduce rotational head vibration to increase drive performance.

Cool Drive Technology™

Reduce heat to increase drive reliability and longevity.

“With Nexsan we set it up and pretty much forget about it – the system takes care of itself.”

Sam Hanke, Avtex