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Nexsan Employee Referral Bonus Program

Admiring the latest shiny Apple toy? Looking to take that cruise around the Greek Isles? Did you spend a little too much around the holidays and need a little boost in your bank account? Wondering how Nexsan could make all of these things happen? Hmm….

Surely, you must have family, friends, people you’ve met at parties, or colleagues you have worked with in the past who you think are absolute rock stars. Those who are creative, innovative, ambitious, passionate, eager, diligent and/or perhaps use our product on a regular basis. Already thinking of people within your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Goodle+, Tinder ..ok maybe not Tinder : )


Show me the Money!!! Here’s how you can play!!!!

While we welcome referrals for all our open positions, we are limiting this program to the selected open positions listed below. When you refer a qualified candidate for any of the following positions you could earn a $2000 employee referral bonus!

How to Participate

  • Review the above positions and identify candidate(s) who have the qualifications described.
  • Click here and complete the employee referral form, then attach the candidates resume if you have it.
  • An Email will be sent to the candidate inviting them to review the opportunity on nexsan.com/careers and apply. The candidate will then need to apply in order for the referral to be considered.
  • If you have multiple candidates for a requisition, you must complete separate referrals for each candidate.
  • The candidate, if interested, will then apply on nexsan.com/careers. In order for the referral to be valid, the candidate must enter your name as the referral “source” on the on-line application.

What Happens Next

  • Nexsan will review the candidates resume. If the referred candidate meets qualifications, we will present the resume to the hiring manager.
  • The hiring manager will determine who they will interview and hire.
  • Once the position is filled, you will be notified whether or not the candidate you referred was hired.
  • If the candidate you referred is hired, you will receive $2000 USD (or the equivalent in your respective country’s currency, less applicable withholdings/deductions). Half of the bonus will be paid upon hire and the other half will be paid after the new hire completes 90 days of regular, full-time employment.

And now for the fine print…

  • Only regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible to participate
  • Directors and above will be excluded from this program
  • If the referral hired is going to report directly to the person who originally referred them or reporting to someone one layer below, a bonus would not get paid to the referrer
  • Referrers must be active employees at the time bonus payments are made in order to receive it
  • If more than one referrer exists for a particular candidate, the referral bonus will be split equally amongst the two referrers.
  • Referrals for previously interviewed Nexsan candidates (within the past year) will be excluded from the program.
  • The referral must indicate the referring employees’ name on the employment application.
  • Referrers will not receive the second half of any referral bonus if the new hire is on a verbal or written warning/performance improvement plan of any kind.

The total duration and scope of this program will be reviewed on a regular and consistent basis and changes/adjustments/modifications, etc, of any kind and at any point in time will be at the sole discretion of Robert Fernander.