Video: Nexsan NST Hybrid Storage

Greg here is your typical unsung IT professional, overworked and under-appreciated. He gets blamed by his coworkers when things go wrong and never seems to get enough credit when they work seamlessly. He recently implemented Imation’s intelligent portfolio of advanced Nexsan data storage systems. They urgently needed efficient storage scalability to handle their extreme data growth while maintaining the high performance that applications, such as virtualization, demand in order to protect against IO bottlenecks.

They needed a smart, flexible, and easy-to-use solution that provided instant access to 100% secure data all on a tight budget and, of course, that’s exactly what they got with the Nexsan NST Unified Hybrid Storage solution. Linear, non-disruptive and scaling up to 5 petabytes in a single system along with faster, more flexible caching provided such seamless scalability and high performance that nobody even noticed the companies in exponential growth in structured and unstructured data. Of course, nobody said anything when the NST hybrid system, with its intelligent software for maximizing resources, delivered both file and block storage services with no increase in admin overhead and license costs. Nobody seemed wowed that the unified storage system supported multiple application needs in a single system with a single pane of glass management or that the integrated data management features and services with a revolutionary GUI were so easy to use. Nope, it was just business as usual as the company kept growing while all of its data storage needs were miraculously taken care of.

So now Greg’s job is easier than ever. He’s getting more done in less time and top management sees him as a hero. What do you know, looks like someone was noticing after all. All thanks to choosing Nexsan NST Hybrid Solutions.