New App Enhancements for Transporter Mac and Windows Desktop Clients

If you’ve already enjoyed using our Transporter iOS 3.1 app, get ready for even more new improvements for your Mac or Windows workstation. With our latest Version 3.1 for desktop clients, we’ve improved usability and performance features to take your Transporter experience to the next level, at home or in the office.

Letting you access your files even faster, both the Mac and Windows app updates feature improvements to the Transporter Library folder. Because local copies are stored only on your Transporter, each transaction must go over the network in real time. This typically makes browsing, opening, and saving files to Transporter Library take longer than accessing content from the main Transporter folder. With the new software update, you can now access your data faster than ever while taking advantage of the space saved on your computer hard drive.

Another new Version 3.1 update allows you to pause sync between your devices to stop any Transporter activity as needed without quitting the Transporter Desktop app, especially helpful when tethered to your metered mobile data plan or experiencing slower network performance. Be sure to check out our helpful step-by-step guide on how to enable this feature for your Mac or PC.

For users who have multiple Transporter logins (such as business users who also have a personal device at home), your Transporter folder will no longer get deleted when changing accounts, and instead will be renamed and set aside (archived) at the same location. If you need access to a personal or business document right away your PC won’t have to completely reload all your folders each time you login to a new account.

Keeping you alerted if you local network goes temporarily awry, Transporter will display new visual cues when you lose Internet connection that causes file syncing to stop, and also remind you that your synced files are available in “offline mode”. When you disconnect your computer from the Internet or temporarily lose your Internet connection, you may continue to work on any files that you have synced to your Transporter folder. When you come out of offline mode, any changes that you make (or made by others) will sync automatically when your Internet connection resumes.


And last but not least, we can’t forget to mention the new look and feel of version 3.1 with changes in both app versions, with new visual improvements for the Mac version and a redesigned Transporter menu on the Windows version featuring a new, cleaner interface. You can also check out the full list of release notes for some other great new updates, and we hope you enjoy the new updated features for your home or office workstation.