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Marietta College needed a storage solution that could support its efforts to virtualize its entire IT infrastructure. They selected the Nexsan NST hybrid storage appliance from Imation and have seen a strong return on investment since deployment.
Overview: Marietta Selects NST Hybrid Storage to Virtualize its IT Infrastructure

Marietta College decided it needed a new data storage system to support its efforts to virtualize its entire IT infrastructure. It worked with Chi Corporation to review its options and ultimately select the Nexsan NST hybrid storage appliance from Imation. Since it was implemented by Chi last summer, the Imation solution has delivered a strong return on investment and is now running all of the College’s existing virtual machines.

About Marietta College

Marietta College, located in Marietta, Ohio, is a private liberal arts college with more than 1,400 students from around the nation and world. The College offers students a contemporary liberal arts education, with more than 40 undergraduate majors and two graduate programs available. The institution’s mission is to provide students with an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to critical analysis, problem solving, and the leadership skills required to translate what is learned into effective action. The College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and has been named to many “best colleges” lists by leading national publications.

The Challenge: Support VDI & Disaster Recovery Strategy

Marietta College has been working to virtualize its IT environment in order to increase overall system uptime and decrease long-term operating and capital costs. The College’s legacy storage systems were unable to support the virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) and disaster recovery strategy the College required, so it initiated a review process and began testing new storage systems.

Other vendors are really behind the times. Imation, with Nexsan, is on the leading edge of features and value in the marketplace.

Mike Robinson, Marietta College

NST Hybrid Storage

Specifically, the College decided it needed a storage system that could:

  • Provide the level of redundancy needed to support its disaster recovery initiatives
  • Deliver superior levels of uptime
  • Deliver the performance required to support their virtualization implementation plans
  • Work with the Network File System (NFS) protocol in addition to others, which would enable more functionality across the infrastructure with VDI
  • Offer all of the above features and capabilities at a low total cost of ownership, including capital and operating expenditures

Solution: NST Offers True Redundancy & NFS Support

Solution Overview

Marietta College engaged in a thorough review process with Chi Corporation, an Ohio-based IT reseller, and the two organizations compared and contrasted Imation’s hybrid storage systems with the cost of upgrading their existing system or purchasing a competitive storage solution. Ultimately, Marietta College selected and purchased a Nexsan NST hybrid storage appliance from Imation through Chi in the summer of 2013.

Marietta College was able to purchase the NST hybrid storage appliance for the same price it would have cost them to add an expansion to their existing legacy storage system. They gained the performance benefit of Imation’s hybrid storage technology, greater storage density, and reduced operating costs. In addition, the Imation solution beat out other competing solutions because it offered true redundancy in the storage array as well as the capability to support NFS. Deployment was turnkey, and the College’s first development virtual machines went online the same day as deployment. The entire system went from delivery to deployment in just one week.

Outcome: Marietta College Benefits from strong Disaster Recovery ROI

The Nexsan NST hybrid storage appliance has delivered a strong return on investment for Marietta College since its deployment last summer.

  • It has enabled the redundancy the College needs to fully support their disaster recovery strategy.
  • It has seamlessly integrated into the College’s existing infrastructure.
  • It has exceeded the College’s requirements for speed, flexibility and cost.
  • There has been no downtime – 100% uptime – since deployment.
  • It features higher-density capacity scalability than other competing solutions, enabling cost effective future capacity growth.
  • It has enabled compression within the data center – an added feature the College didn’t expect to integrate, yet one that reduced their overall storage needs.
  • It has lowered the College’s storage maintenance costs to one-third to one-half of what they were with legacy storage systems – much lower than expected.
  • The Nexsan system is 50 percent more dense than the College’s legacy systems, and is easier to service by providing more access to individual drive bays through a more open design. As a result, the Imation system uses less rack space and has lowered operating costs.

The Imation Nexsan storage infrastructure is now running all of the College’s virtual machines. As the College’s IT environment continues to virtualize, the Imation system is poised to bring more value in the months ahead.