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Since 1999, Nexsan has delivered reliable, secure, and scalable on-premises data storage solutions designed to meet evolving business and IT requirements.
Nexsan offers versatile and robust storage solutions tailored to adapt seamlessly across a diverse range of sectors, ensuring reliable performance for critical data management.
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Navigating Data Integrity and Compliance: How Secure Storage Can Save Your Business

As a trusted partner in your journey through digital transformation, we at Data Capture Group are thrilled to invite you to a special webinar designed just for you. Join us to deepen your understanding of secure data storage solutions and discover how they can serve as your ultimate safeguard against ransomware attacks.

Wednesday, June 5th
12 PM ET | 11 AM CT | 9 AM PT

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Why Attend?

  1. Discover Secure Storage: Understand the key features and use cases of data protection technologies that you can implement to protect your data.
  2. Learn about the 5 primary levels of data protection: Self-encrypting drives, immutable snapshots, S3 object-locking, immutable WORM storage, and unbreakable backup.
  3. Safeguard Your Backups from Ransomware: Understand the critical role of backups as your last line of defense.
  4. Long-term Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance: Explore the benefits of immutable WORM storage and some very unique data integrity processes.
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