Keeping Backups in the Background


Backing up data is an essential function of an IT system, but it isn’t the only essential function in IT.  With increasing data storage and accessibility demands, data systems need to pull power—and a lot of it.  How can servers be supplied with the energy they need without costs running through the roof?  The answer: keep backups in the background.

Imation’s Nexsan E-Series storage solutions come equipped with AutoMAID™, a power management technology designed to reduce energy consumption by idling disk sets.  AutoMAID, when applied to backup drives, can limit power usage in between scheduled backup to disk protocols.  During an over-night backup, drives operate at full throttle without any performance limitation.  The following morning, once backups are finished, AutoMAID kicks in and initiates a power saving setting that can reduce power and cooling costs by up to 87 percent.  That frees up more energy for other systems that need to do heavy lifting during the day.

Figuring out the balance between performance and protection is a question that won’t go away completely, but knowing how to optimize data center efficiency makes strides in the right direction.

To learn more about other ways hardware influences backup performance, watch this webinar here on the topic from earlier this spring. For more detail on the E-Series family of storage solutions, visit the Imation web site at