Just Another Way Transporter Makes File Sharing Ideal For Lawyers

Iphone J.D.
Since its release, Transporter has addressed the needs of attorneys and other legal professionals by offering a completely private yet extremely simple way to sync, store, and share confidential client data in a highly regulated industry. One of the early Transporter deployments in the legal field was with attorney Jeff Richardson who writes the popular iPhone J.D. blog targeting lawyers using Apple products, highlighting products and technology that are ideal for the legal industry’s workflow.

While Jeff was a fan of the Transporter’s convenient on-premise file sharing when the products were initially released, he is now impressed by the latest Transporter standard links feature update that gives attorneys the ability to share files with clients or opposing counsel as an instant download, without requiring an additional browser plugin like the 100% private direct links option.

“I wrote extensively about how I use my Transporter in August of 2014, and I mentioned that I use it virtually every day. That’s been true ever since I first started to use a Transporter in early 2013, when the company sent me a free unit to try out in connection with its first sponsorship of iPhone J.D., and it remains true today. But that same Transporter is even more valuable today than it was in 2013 because Connected Data frequently updates the Transporter to add new features.”

“For example, a new feature added just this month is a second option for sharing files. Before the update, you could right-click on a file on your computer to create a link to a file, and then you could email that link to someone else so that they can download the file. When they do so, they are downloading the file directly from your Transporter, and they need to first install a browser plug-in on their computer to communicate with your Transporter. This file transfer method is great for privacy because your file remains on your Transporter, but it does require some extra work by the file recipient to install the plug-in.”

“The new feature is that you can now choose whether you want to create a Direct Link or a new Standard Link. When a recipient of a Standard link clicks the link, your file is sent from your Transporter to the Connected Data website, and then the recipient downloads the file from the Connected Data website without having to install any plug-ins. You lose the inherent privacy of a Transporter for that one specific file because a copy of your file exists on the Connected Data server, but it is faster and easier for the recipient, and is a perfect option if you are transferring one or more files that are stored on your Transporter and are not confidential, such as a large file that you are sharing with opposing counsel.”

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