Imation Lock & Key Now Generally Available, Adding Security to Remote Data Access

Imation-lockKey-blog-main-646x300Today, Imation announced that its new Lock & Key feature for Nexsan™ Assureon secure archive solutions is general available. Lock & Key combines the existing security of Assureon with Imation’s IronKey secure storage flash drive, adding an additional layer of administrator security to data storage environments.

Lock & Key is part of Imation’s Secure Data Movement Architecture (SDMA™), a holistic approach to high-value data management. Lock & Key enables two-factor authentication when attempting to access a secure archive; in addition to requiring personal access credentials to connect to a Nexsan Assureon, users also would need a paired, tamper-resistant IronKey secure storage flash drive. This extra step allows end-users to access storage networks from anywhere without having to worry about the security of their data.

Lock & Key also allows IT administrators to let only those users that they want to access data to do so; they can revoke the authentication of a particular IronKey at any time if they detect a threat, leaving the user unable to access any data.

To read more about Lock & Key, please visit our website to read the release.