How to Protect Your Valuable Family Photo Collection in the Digital Age

Fire, flood and burglary were once the most likely suspects for inflicting damage or loss on a valuable family photo collection. While those risks still exist, today we face the more probable threat of losing our memories to computer viruses and data corruption.

Today, 90% of people store photos on their computers. Of those people, only 40% backup their files on a regular basis, leaving a sizable amount of people who risk their precious photos and memories to potential file corruption, accidental deletion or any other number of risks.

So that leaves the question – why aren’t people backing up?

The overwhelming answer is that people don’t feel the need to back up their files; a huge mistake given that nearly 43% of all PC users will lose files to corruption at some point. The other is the perception of it being time-consuming and difficult.

With this in mind, Transporter has developed a product and platform that ensures backing up requires little to no effort and there are no fees attached to data storage. In its most recent update, Transporter announced a special folders feature, which makes it as simple as designating which folders on your computer you’d like to “automatically sync” and backup to your Transporter. This means that every time you save a photo in your “Pictures” folder, it’s backed up without any extra thought or effort on your part. Easy, right?

If you’re not backing up your files now, it’s about time. Pick up a Transporter today at and you’ll ensure your family’s photos are in good hands.

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