Hand to Cloud Security: Life Within The Archive

ima_handToCloud_life_646x300Throughout its eventful life, data needs protection. This three-part blog series discusses the different security available throughout the entire life of data—from hand to cloud, creation to destruction. Following our first post about data transport, we now look at protecting files that stay put, often for a long period of time.

Organizations like those in healthcare, government and law possess many terabytes of personal records, and while not continuously used, they need to be kept. Housing large volumes of confidential data can attract illicit attacks, and IT infrastructures need to deploy proper security features.

Imation’s Secure Data Movement Architecture (SDMA) can provide holistic protection of high-value data. The complete, turn-key archiving Assureon solution helps to enable SDMA with AES256 encryption and automatic audits that track access attempts as well as identify and repair any degradation. With SDMA, organizations can keep their ever-expanding repository of confidential data under close guard.

In addition to contributing to SDMA, Assureon improves performance by freeing up primary storage files and moving them to archive—but even while data is in archive, it can still be accessed. Parameters within the Assureon Windows Client can be set to mimic file shortcuts so a file explorer would simply pull data from secure archive rather than primary storage. Employing the correct system makes safely storing stagnant data simple.

With the help of SDMA and Assureon, data lives securely through transport and archive. But what about when a file’s lifetime comes to an end? Keep checking in with Imation to read about secure file deletion in the final Hand to Cloud Security post.