Giving the Gift of Private Cloud with Transporter – Holiday Gift Guides of 2014

We all have a gadget lover on our gift lists, and it’s safe to say everyone we know wants to keep their digital files private and secure. The Transporter is on the top of these popular gift lists and it should be on yours as well…your friends and family can easily sync and share files with each other while keeping them totally off the public cloud. See what these experts have to say about it:

Popular Mechanics
“Cloud storage gives you access to your files anytime and anywhere, but cloud storage is not always secure. With the Transporter, you don’t have to worry. Sync the device directly to your router, and all your files are encrypted in your own personal cloud. Then, get remote access through mobile and desk-top portals.” Read the full gift guide

The Independent
“Don’t trust the ‘cloud’ anymore? Then create your own, via this impressive, always-on, internet- connected hard-drive that acts as your own personal data cloud, allowing you to store, synchronise and backup all your files, photos, and music wherever you are: Big Brother is no longer watching you.” Read the full gift guide

All In
“Plug any external USB drive into transporter sync, connect it to your router, and you have your very own private, 256-bit AES encrypted cloud. With virtually unlimited storage and no monthly fees, you can securely access all your music, images, and other files from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Additionally, it can be used to synchronize files and folders, providing a trackable series of versions along the way.” Read the full gift guide (PDF)

“We all use – and many of us rely on – cloud storage. That said, you could host your very own cloud storage using Transporter. For $200, Transporter gives you access to 2TB of networked storage from anywhere in the world. Or you could opt for the Transporter Sync and turn any USB storage drive into networked storage that is available from anywhere you have an Internet connection.” Read the Full Gift Guide

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