File Sharing Even Easier with Transporter Standard Links

Hundreds of millions of cloud storage users love the ability to easily create links for sharing large files with family, friends and colleagues. Unfortunately this convenience makes using links risky for trying to share sensitive files that could be exposed to unauthorized access. Many professionals in the legal, medical, financial and public sectors simply can’t take advantage of links due to these inherent risks.

Transporter has long addressed this issue with private, direct links that allow users to send an encrypted link directly from their Transporter. This eliminated the added risk of having to upload the files to 3rd party servers and ensured privacy with a small helper app. While this app is a small step to ensure privacy, it also creates an extra step for sharing files that do not require the same level of privacy.

Starting today, Transporter users will now have two options for sharing files: direct links for privately sharing sensitive or confidential information and new standard links for sharing files that don’t need the same level of privacy.

Standard links act in the same way as other popular cloud service links with shared files being uploaded to Connected Data’s secure servers. This allows recipients to get files without the need for any plug-in authorizations or a helper app install. The recipient simply clicks the link and gets the file, displaying a slick preview of the image if the file type supports this feature. Standard links offer a perfect solution for many situations:

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– Sharing photos, music or movies with family and friends
– Sharing non-confidential work files with colleagues, partners and consultants
– Teachers sharing general information and updates with students and parents
– Creative Professionals and Engineers sharing large design files
– Architects and Construction professionals sharing large design plan files

With Transporter, you really get the best of both worlds: A private way to share confidential files when needed, and a simple way to share your files that don’t require the same level of privacy.


How to Set General Preferences Between Direct and Standard Links

Now it’s time for the how-to! If you want to set a default for your entire account when creating links, knowing most linked items will not be confidential in nature, you can do so by going into your account preferences by following these steps:

• Go to the Transporter management website and login to your account
• Click your name in upper right-hand corner of the page to access the account management view.
• Click the Account Preferences button.
• In the Account Preferences view, the checkbox for “Use Direct File Transfer for Links” (shown below) will determine whether you get direct or standard link. When selected, you get direct links. When deselected, you get standards links. If making a change, click Submit to save your preference.


Managing Your Links
Even if you have a default link setting, you can still decide which links will be shared directly and which will be standard by managing your links directly from your account window. When you create a link it will maintain its “type” even after you change your general account preference, until you delete or explicitly change it, so it’s normal to end up with links of mixed types in your account. This is especially useful when you want to occasionally switch between link types without changing your global preferences back and forth. Simply click the link’s settings button (gear icon), and choose Change Link Transfer Method. In the screen, you can switch the link type between standard and direct.

Now start sharing those vacation photos, videos, music, grocery lists, or anything else you want with friends and family!