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  • Challenge:

    Educators want an easy way to enable file sharing and project collaboration between students, but many school districts block public cloud sites to control what students can access online or just don’t have the budget for monthly service fees. For teachers, thumb drives can easily carry around files but they’re easy to misplace, so any lessons, assignments, and private student records kept on them could fall out of your control.

  • Solution:

    Transporter offers the sync, access, protect and sharing capabilities of public cloud storage solutions without any of the risk or fees, and is simple enough for anyone to setup and manage. Transporter’s peer-to-peer file sharing creates a private environment where students can collaborate together on assignments, while teachers or administrators can manage access levels. Adding a second Transporter offsite also creates automated protection.

  • Privately Access Files

    • Private access to files from anywhere on mobile devices
    • Host private folders for sharing with colleagues and students
    • Files are always transferred between devices, never stored in the cloud

  • Protect Student Information

    • Automatically protect assignments, lectures, and student records against a computer failure
    • Install second Transporter offsite as a remote backup copy for additional protection
    • Files are always encrypted (AES-256) during transfer

  • Simplify Sharing

    • Simple and intuitive setup easily completed in minutes
    • Files sync automatically so you always have the latest version
    • Control where your files are stored and who has access

  • Reduce Costs

    • One time cost eliminates recurring monthly subscription fees
    • Each Transporter can store terabytes of information
    • Integrates with existing school equipment including laptops & tablets