E-Series Enhancements Add Efficiencies to Data Centers


Today, Imation announced that it has made several enhancements to its Nexsan E-Series family of storage solutions. The new enhancements maximize drive rebuild efficiencies and maximize drive health, ensuring that data remains easy to manage and protected from events that could cause downtime or application outages. with SSD monitoring and seamless volume migration.
The first series of enhanced featured deliver advanced rebuilds. Data-only rebuilds can rebuild only written user data to significantly reduce rebuild times, and parallel rebuilds can rebuild multiple disk failures simultaneously. Also, new disk retirement features proactively retire symptomatic disks before they compromise an array.

Other new enhancements provide better SSD health monitoring and volume migration. E-Series systems can now show many writes remain on SSDs, giving users the ability to replace them before they fail. Also, volumes now can be moved seamlessly from one storage array to another without interruption to host access.

For more on this announcement and the specifics of the new features for Nexsan E-Series, read the announcement press release.