Achieving the right protection architecture for your Disaster Recovery Business Continuity plan (DRBC) requires serious attention to a myriad of details. Nexsan trusted storage solutions that are easy, efficient and cost-effective–important considerations when the survivability of data is the fulcrum that balances the survivability of your business.



Recent tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis have refocused attention on disaster recovery among business leaders and IT managers. While the broader scale of disaster recovery planning includes facilities, power, cooling, communications and people, data recovery remains key to business continuity. The tasks associated with disaster recovery for the data center are a specialized and complex discipline requires unique planning and management.

Don’t let your business fail – ensure you have a disaster recovery plan and your data protected.


Assureon safeguards your data like no other storage offering, enabling organizations to meet regulatory demands while ensuring data does not corrupt or worse yet, deleted before its time. If Assureon discovers lost or corrupted data during regular background maintenance sweeps, it will fix it first then let you know that a problem has been handled. And restoring data lost from catastrophic tragedy, has never been easier.

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"We have peace of mind knowing our data is protected, duplicated, and easily accessible with Assureon."

Curtis Hackler, 66 Federal Credit Union