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Global IT Services Provider Selected NST Hybrid Storage with FASTIER to Support I/O-Intensive Environment
Datapipe Conquers the Cloud with Nexsan Hybrid Storage with FASTier

Global IT services provider, Datapipe, required a flexible hybrid storage solution comprised of solid-state and disk that would deliver high performance, exceptional capacity and the ability to efficiently support an I/O-intensive environment for its strategic cloud storage initiative.

About Datapipe

Datapipe is a trusted global IT services provider that offers a single provider solution for managing and securing mission-critical IT services, including cloud computing, infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, colocation and more. The company serves a broad range of vertical industries including pharmaceutical, financial services, healthcare and retail. Datapipe serves its clients from the world’s most influential technical and financial markets including New York metro, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Datapipe has an active initiative for managed storage in the cloud. Designed to safeguard mission critical data against hardware failure and human error, the cloud-based managed storage solution from Datapipe is a critical data protection backbone for a large range of mid-sized enterprises.

challenge: deliver high performance, exceptional capacity and the ability to integrate easily into a cloud-based, virtualized computing environment

Because Datapipe’s customers demand high performance, high reliability and the flexibility to support random I/O workloads, Datapipe could not compromise when it came to selecting a storage solution for its cloud initiative. The company needed a storage solution that would deliver high performance, exceptional capacity and the ability to integrate easily into a cloud-based, virtualized computing environment. 
Yet, what was most important to Datapipe was supporting its I/O-intensive cloud environment.

“Our new cloud initiative is a very high-level strategic play for the company,” said Sanford “Sam” Coker, Director of Storage Administration, Datapipe Managed Global IT Services. “As such, we needed a storage solution that could support the dynamic needs of mid-sized enterprises and grow with us as cloud adoption continues.”

The data to be stored in the new storage solution is largely unstructured file data for a large number of end customers, so the new storage environment required seamless operation when random I/O workloads are accelerated by customer applications. And due to the massive data growth demands, the solution needed to provide cost-effective capacity that can easily and flexibly scale with their needs.


Datapipe turned to its trusted value added reseller RADirect (www.rad-direct.com) when evaluating the NST5000. “Datapipe is a solution provider that prides itself on selecting quality solutions to support the needs of its customers,” said Stephanie VanDerHeide, Senior Account Manager for RADirect. “They put every solution through a rigorous proof-of-concept evaluation before making a selection to ensure that it met their requirements for performance, functionality and capacity. Datapipe selected the Nexsan NST5000, which exceeded expectations and has proven to be the ideal choice for their cloud infrastructure.”

“With a client portfolio that includes pharmaceutical and financial services customers, it is critical that our infrastructure provides a secure, reliable, high performance computing platform that is responsive to the companies we serve,” said Coker. “Nexsan met our requirements and impressed us on a number of levels. The NST5000 with FASTier acceleration technology provides an order of magnitude increase in performance over traditional storage systems and delivers
as advertised with industry-leading density and efficiency.”


  • Volumes of hosted client data largely comprised of unstructured data
  • Nexsan NST5000 unified hybrid storage system for cloud-based computing
  • Nexsan E60 and SATABeast in the company’s datacenter supporting backup and recovery applications


  • Hybrid storage – the performance benefit of solid-state with the cost and capacity benefit of rotating media
  • FASTier acceleration technology, which uses solid-state to triple the random I/O performance of the underlying SATA/SAS drives
  • High capacity storage in a dense form factor (15 drives per U) to maximize datacenter floor space
  • Nexsan Flexible Scalability™ with the ability to scale performance and capacity independently
  • Enterprise-class reliability and fault tolerance

The NST5000 unified hybrid storage system features FASTier acceleration technology, which leverages solid-state to accelerate the underlying SATA/SAS drives by 3X or more. FASTier’s sophisticated software takes advantage of up to 24 Xeon CPU cores, 192GB of DRAM, up to 2.8TB of SSD, 12 dedicated RAID engines and up to 1PB of storage capacity. Imagine hybrid storage as an orchestra. If rotating media is the percussion section and solid-state is the brass section, FASTier is the conductor that makes them work in harmony for unrivaled performance.

With enough solid-state to hold entire working sets for Datapipe’s customers, performance is further amplified with extremely high IOPS and reduced latency without complication. FASTier operates transparently and is auto-configured so no manual intervention is required. With the NST5000, Datapipe can use SATA drives to get performance which was only previously attainable with 15K SAS drives, while 15K SAS drives achieve unprecedented new levels of performance in virtualized infrastructures, databases, email servers or cloud deployments.

results: NST5000 is ideally suited for cloud storage environment

In practice, Datapipe has found the NST5000 to be ideally suited for its cloud storage environment. They especially like that they are able to use high capacity 3TB SATA drives in the solution to get a combination of ultra high capacity with three times the performance via FASTier. As a result, Datapipe is able to achieve new levels of performance while maintaining the low-cost capacity benefits of SATA.

“FASTier is the ‘secret sauce’ that sets the NST5000 apart from other storage solutions we tested,” said Coker. The technology leverages solid-state to accelerate the underlying disk drives, so we’re able to use SATA drives with SATA capacity to perform at SAS speed. As a result, the NST5000 unified hybrid storage system has completely changed the game for us,” said Coker.