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Imation’s Archive Solutions Bring Security & Reliability to County IT Department

overview: Crow Wing County Deploys Assureon Right Out of the Box, Archives Critical Government Files

Crow Wing County in Minnesota needed an archive storage system that provided excellent redundancy, security, scalability and reliability. The County purchased and deployed a Nexsan Assureon system from Imation, and has seen significant results within the first year of deployment.

About Crow Wing County

Crow Wing County, located in the central part of Minnesota, bills itself as the heartland of the state. The County is home to more than 62,000 people and boasts more than 550 lakes, millions of trees and a population that quadruples during the summer months as people from all around visit their lake cabins. It regularly promises its residents that it will work to provide the best possible value for every tax dollar it spends as it prepares for an ever-changing future.


the challenge: provide excellent redundancy, security, scalability and support for growing data needs

Crow Wing County has a centralized IT infrastructure supporting most of the county’s essential functions: Community Services, Law Enforcement, the County Attorney’s Office, financial and tax records, Corrections and more. One of the critical IT functions for this infrastructure is archiving all of the data when it’s not being used and then accessing and retrieving it on demand; almost 2TB worth of files and documents dating back many years are on file in archive storage.

The County’s legacy archive solution needed to be replaced, so IT executives looked for a solution that would satisfy their existing and future needs. They needed a system that provided excellent redundancy, keeping a second copy of all data safe at all times. Security was essential given the sensitive nature of the data being stored. It needed to be able to scale and support higher capacities of archive data as more records are created. The system also needed to be ultra-reliable.

The solution: Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage selected and deployed

After research and testing, Crow Wing County selected the Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage system from Imation and deployed it in the late summer of 2013. With little effort or time, the Nexsan Assureon was up and running almost right out of the box.

I have alarms set to monitor our IT infrastructure when things go wrong. I never get any alerts for Assureon. It just runs.

Pat Gaertner, Crow Wing County

results: Archived Data Retrieval Enables Staffers to provide Residents with faster & better Service

The Nexsan Assureon archive storage system from Imation has delivered for Crow Wing County, and in many ways even exceeded the team’s original expectations:

  • It has backed up all County data with no quality or integrity issues for the entire time it has been in production.
  • County IT employees spend much less time on management and maintenance than they did with their legacy system.
  • Outside maintenance costs since deployment have been minimal, and the County expects the system to pay for itself at least once within its lifetime
  • The Nexsan Assureon uses about one-fourth of the rack and floor space that the County’s legacy system needed – and there has been a corresponding decrease in system operating costs.

In addition, County staffers who use PCs have noticed that the IT system today can recall and return archived files instantaneously, much faster than it could before. This enables them to provide County residents and other customers with much faster and better service.